Forza horizon 3 unsupported graphics driver

Hi, before I gain began, apologies for any type of naivety, I"m not well versed in this area!I am trying to run the demo of Forza Horizon 4, however on begin up I"m faced through the complying with screen:
I have checked that I am running the a lot of present chauffeurs, I am running a Radeon R7 but I"m not sure which series. This is the Radeon Setups dialogue window.
I"ve asked on the game forum yet via no solution.Is this graphics card not suitable to run such a game?Any advice significantly appreciated, thank youMessage was edited by: Matt BEdit Title

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This is Gigabytes Support for your Motherboard set up on your computer. It is a small Motherboard with only one PCIe x16 slot. The various other 2 are PCIe x1 and also continuous PCI slots. This is for variation 3.1 according to your BIOS variation of FC: GA-F2A78M-HD2 (rev. 3.1) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global​According to SPECCY, both PCIe x 16 and x1 seems to have actually a card mounted or are being provided. You going to should open to verify if PCIe x16 is indeed inhabited.Note: watch what card is being supplied in the PCIe x16 slot because this is the slot you will have to install a brand-new GPU Card.At the very same time you open the Computer case, take a look at the PSU label or Model number to identify what Wattage it is.Here is the Motherboard layout to let you recognize which is the PCIe x16 slot: ( I have attached the Gigabyte Motherboard Manual to this write-up. Just click on it to view or download):Restart your Computer and go right into BIOS.

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Tright here is a setting to permit the APU incorporated Graphics to usage 2 gigabytes of System Memory. Don"t readjust anypoint else. Leave whatever else the means it is.Change the "Combined Graphics" to "FORCE" . With this setting, your Integrated Graphics will ALWAYS be main whether you mounted a separate GPU card or not. This is just temporarily to check out if the game will play through your APU.Then Change "UMA FRAME BUFFER SIZE" from "Auto" to "2G". This will allow the Combined Graphics R7 to have actually 2 gigabytes of Video Memory. (You will have 2 gigabytes less of Memory that you will certainly be able to usage on your computer for other uses).Copied from your Motherboard Manual concerning configuring BIOS:Save the BIOS setting and reboot. Now view if you can install or run Forza Horizon 4 game.If the game still says your APU is not compatible then readjust everything back to "default" which is"Combined Graphics" - "AUTO""UMA FRAME BUFFER SIZE" - "AUTO"This means once you install a brand-new sepaprice GPU card it will certainly instantly pick the GPU Card as your Primary Graphics.