Format wd easystore for mac

I just bought a brand also brand-new 8TB easysave outside difficult drive. I set up it onto my Mac properly, but as soon as I tried to format this drive to make it writeable, an error display claims tbelow isn’t sufficient space obtainable for this to take place. I tried erasing it to reformat it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), and the message states “Unmounting disk. MediaKit reports not sufficient space on gadget for requested operation. Operation failed…”

“disk2s1” now appears in grey in the sidebar wright here “easystore” offered to be in black. I’m running 10.13.2 High Sierra. I’ve tried partitioning the drive into 7.75GB/0.25GB. Perhaps this is a basic deal with however I feel like I’m going insane and I don’t recognize what to carry out. Please help!

Mount Point: Not MountedCapacity: 8TBAvailable: Zero KBUsed: –Type: USB External Physical VolumeOwners: DisabledConnection: USBDevice: disk2s1

I bought a brand also brand-new Easystore portable 2 TB HD in October, 2017, and just now, 5 January,2018, opened up the package and tried to usage through my iMac 5k Retina 27 inch, Late 2014 desktop computer computer, likewise running OS 10.13.2.

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I am obtaining the exact same fail message you are - “MediaKit reports not enough area on gadget for asked for operation.” This have to not be the instance as my iMac drive is 1.1 TB and is only one 3rd full. This came up with Time Machine, however then Time Machine doesn’t check out the HD. Using Disk Utility the HD mirrors as disk3s1 (yours is disk2s1). Nopoint functions trying to erase the disk - not the correct Mac OS Extfinished (Journaled) format or any various other layouts erase, although it opens up a box that claims it is erasing.

kplyness January 8, 2018, 2:41am #3

I have actually had the exact very same difficulty this evening. Also running 10.13.2.

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kplyness January 8, 2018, 2:46am #4

OK, here’s what fixed this for me.Open Disk Utility (not in Recovery Mode) and also change the View drop-dvery own (top left corner) to Sjust how All Devices. Then select your actual tool - not the indented volume - and then the Erase making sure the Partition Map Scheme is GUID and also format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled). This should recreate your single volume as GUID/HFS+.

Here’s is what solved it for me. I had the ability to use Disk Utilities on an older OS. I tried OS Yosemite and also the configured making use of the partition instructions.

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jebusx January 9, 2018, 7:24pm #6

Try this link

Formatted to windows however Need to reformat to Mac aid Portable Drives
Hi, I have a essentials 1tb exterior difficult drive formatted to home windows 7. Currently I keep around 64gb of an iTunes library on there. I’ve simply bought my initially Mac and understand also that’ I currently must reformat the disc to Mac. I am a finish novice and require help in obtaining an idiots guide to this procedure otherwise I’m in risk of shedding all my iTunes. Can anyone help? Cheers Scott

For the minute, the USB flash drive transforms ineasily accessible and also can’t be formatted. I really have to have the ability to format it and also make it normal to use, as it holds vital documents FirstBankCard. Any help will be significantly appreciated.

HERE’S HOW: OK this is crazy. I’ve had actually a number of Passporting activities and also Easystores, so yesterday I bought one more one. Went to format it to Mac OS Journaled utilizing Disk Utility and also it bricked instantly. Thought it was a negative drive, so returned/exchanged it. Drive #2, same point. Found the solution on here: (1) attach the drive to your Mac, (2) open Disk Utility (3) in the far left sidebar, usage the dropdown to change View to “all devices” (4) voila, the bricked disk shows up (5) NOW erase the drive, make sure you’re utilizing a GUID partition and Mac OS Extended Journaled. Was up and also running in a minute. WTF did carry out to their drives to cause them to brick as soon as you format them?? It looks favor possibly they partitioned the drive or put a Volume on there and that’s causing them to brick once you erase the partition using Disk Utility. SMH