For some reason took too long to start

In this post, we carry out numerous fixes for the annoying 0x8027025a error code. A lot of times you’ll need to wait out the error bereason it’s actually a fault on the Xbox server side- basically, a glitch that gamers can’t deal with themselves.

That sassist there are some procedures you can take, particularly if it’s not the case that Microsoft is down.

You can view on social media several civilization have proficient this frustrating problem:

And now, "For some reason Dead Rising 3 has actually taken also long to begin. 0x8027025a." What does that OH, HEY, MY INTERNET'S DOWN. #xbone

— Rus McLaughlin

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rusmclaughlin) December 31, 2013

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XboxSupport I'm having trouble launching gears of War UE. "For some factor it took too long to start" (0x8027025a)

— Eric Pihlblad (
Ericstifer) February 28, 2016

I resolved my nephews Xbox one’s 0x8027025a trouble.

— GTecHKeN