Firefox wont open new tab

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System Details: Windows 10 Firefox 66.0 More device details

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Shockwave Flash 32.0 r0


User Agent: (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:66.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/66.0

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"open connect in brand-new tab" choice is broken


Hello! The checkbox for the above choice is NOT CHECKED therefore should Firefox not jump to the newly opened up tab yet it does. Checking/unchecking doesn"t help, the choice appears to be damaged.

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Any tips on how to figure out what i wrong?

Hello! The checkbox for the above alternative is NOT CHECKED hence must Firefox not jump to the newly opened up tab yet it does. Checking/unchecking doesn't help, the choice seems to be damaged.Any tips on exactly how to number out what i wrong?
Hello richalfj,

Hopecompletely I acquire this right : you desire web links to open in a new tab, however in the background ....

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If so, would certainly you attempt this please :

Type in the resolve bar about:config and also press Enter(promise to be mindful, if asked)

Type in the search bar browser.tabs.load

Look for the preference browser.tabs.loadInBackground

and also set its worth to true

Maybe you"d favor to adjust the worths of the other 2 choices also (?)

After you"ve readjusted a value (or values), cshed and restart Firefox.

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