Firefox right click menu not working

Some users have actually been getting to us with inquiries after discovering that the right-click usability is efficiently disabled on their Mozilla Firefox browser. Affected individuals report that they can’t usage right-click at all in Firefox, while the mouse switch functions simply fine everywhere outside the web browser (even on any type of various other browser). The issue is not exclusive to a specific Windows variation as it’s reported to occur on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

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Firefox’s Context Menu doesn’t appear once the user right-clicks

What is resulting in the ‘right-click not working on Firefox’ issue?

We investigated this specific worry by looking at assorted user reports and also the repair methods that they provided to gain the problem reresolved. Based on what we gathered, there are a number of prevalent culprits that are frequently responsible for the apparition of this specific problem.

Firefox bug is avoiding the functionality – There is a popular bug that reasons this certain problem on pperiods that don’t have the right-click use blocked. Luckily, the bug is fairly old and also has actually been since patched by the hotfixes presented via the 53.0 updates. In this situation, the solution is to upday the Firefox browser to the latest version easily accessible.The web-page is blocking the right-clicks – Some internet admins might choose to block the right-click functionality on some of their web pperiods. The right-click functionality is typically blocked on sure is and also login pperiods. Tright here are methods to acquire roughly this soft block (view Method 6).An expansion is resulting in the issue – As some customers have reported, the issue might additionally be resulted in by a Firefox Add-in. In this situation, starting the browser in Safe Setting need to permit you to identify if an add-on is responsible for the problem.Corrupted user profile – Some settings associated through the user profile used by Firefox can come to be corrupted and facilitate the apparition of this concern. Refreshing Firefox is a solution regularly reported as effective in these forms of situations.Corrupted Firefox Installation – In some instances, the concern was resolved after the impacted user reinstalled firefox and also rebooted the machine. This suggests that the problem have the right to also be brought about by a corrupted installation (after malware removal, or after a botched update procedure)

If you’re presently struggling to fix this specific concern, this write-up will carry out you via a repertoire of troubleshooting measures. Down below, you’ll uncover a collection of approaches that various other customers in a comparable situation have actually offered to settle or circumvent the issue.

For the ideal outcomes, follow the techniques in the order that they are presented. You should ultimately stumble upon a resolve that resolves the concern in your particular scenario.

Method 1: Closing the internet web page that is blocking right-clicks

On some internet peras, the right-click usability is disabled by the internet admins. This will commonly happen via digital surveys and other types of website that feature restrictive content. However before, sometimes Firefox will certainly block the use for all opened peras.

So if you’re unable to right-click or right-clicking opens a babsence box via no menus to choose from, view if you have actually any type of tab lurking behind others. If that’s the situation, closing all tabs and opening the web browser aobtain need to deal with the problem completely.

Closing the opened web tabs

If the worry is still developing or this strategy was not applicable to your present situation, move down to the next approach listed below.

Method 2: Update Firefox to the latest build

As many users have reported, the worry is most likely to have been addressed already. Some influenced customers have reported that updating the client to the latest version accessible and also rebeginning the internet browser did the trick. If the problem is caused by the well known bug that disables the right-click usability on 52.0 and also older builds, updating to version 53.0 and above have to deal with the worry automatically.

Here’s a quick guide on updating Firefox to the latest version available:

Open Firefox and click the action switch in the top-ideal corner of the display screen. Then, go to Help and also click on About Firefox.
Updating Firefox to the latest versionOnce the initial scan is finish, you will be provided an choice to Upday & Rebegin Firefox (if a new version is available). Do so and also wait for the procedure to complete.
When the updating procedure is complete, click on Restart to upday Firefox and also watch if the concern is reresolved at then web browser startup.

If the concern is still developing, relocate dvery own to the following approach below.

Method 3: Refreshing Firefox

Several impacted customers have actually reported that they managed to obtain the issue resolved by doing a browser recollection. Firefox contains a Refresh attribute that is well-known to settle this specific error by restoring the web browser to a factory default state. But remainder assured as this procedure will not make you shed your bookmarks, background, passwords, cookies, and various other vital indevelopment.

Here’s a quick guide on refreshing Firefox:

Open Firefox and press the action button in the top-appropriate edge of the display screen. Then, accessibility the Help home window and also click Troubleshooting Information.
Accessing the Troubleshooting indevelopment tabInside the Troubleshooting Information tab, click the Refresh Firefox… switch (under Give Firefox a tune-up) to obtain began via the refresh process.
Refreshing FirefoxClick the Refresh Firefox button as soon as aacquire to confirm the Refresh procedure and also obtain it started.
Confirm the Refresh procedureOnce the procedure is started, the browser will certainly instantly export any kind of user choices and bookmarks right into an outside file. Once the process is complete, you will certainly be asked whether you desire to reinforce customizations and add-ons. Select Restore all windows & tabs to export them all or select to Resave only the ones you want to select them yourself.
Rekeep customization and also add-insStart the web browser and also watch if the concern is still arising.

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If you’re still unable to right-click in your Firefox browser, relocate dvery own to the following approach below.

Method 4: Starting Firefox in Safe Mode

Some add-ins are also evidenced to be triggering this specific error. There are some extensions that will certainly readjust the means the right-click food selection behaves – some will include to the right-click food selection, some will certainly remove some alternatives and some will disable the attribute altogether.

Some impacted users report that their capacity to right-click inside Firefox was hindered by an add-in (plugin) referred to as Internet Companion. Disabling the plug-in reresolved the concern in their instance.

However before, tright here are multiple plugins recognized to cause this particular worry, so the finest method is to confirm if the problem is add-in associated prior to you go ahead and uninstall every installed plug-in that you acquired. With this in mind, follow the guide listed below to begin Firefox in Safe mode and watch if the issue is no much longer emerging while nor add-in is used:

Note: Safe Mode will certainly start Firefox without any type of set up add-ons (extensions or themes) If the problem is no longer developing while add-ons are disabled, it’s clear that among them is resulting in the issue while Firefox runs in normal mode.

Open Firefox, form “about:support” inside the navigation bar and push Enter to land appropriate into the Troubleshooting Information food selection.
Accessing the Troubleshooting Indevelopment menuInside the Troubleshooting Information food selection, click on Rebegin through Add-ons Disabled (under Try Safe Mode). When prompted by the confirmation home window, click Restart as soon as aobtain.
Restarting browser with Add-ons disabledAt the next Firefox Safe Setting home window, click on Start In Safe Mode to ultimately cause the restart.
Starting Firefox in Safe ModeWait till your internet browser restarts in safe mode, then examine to view if the worry is still emerging. If you are able to right-click in Safe mode, go back to normal mode, form “about:addons” inside the navigation bar and also push Enter.
Accessing the Add-ons screen Upon getting to the extensions food selection, systematically Disable eexceptionally installed extension till you find your culprit. Once you number out which of your mounted extensions is bring about the difficulty, Rerelocate it and also restart your browser.
Disabling the Firefox add-ons

If the worry is still emerging, relocate dvery own to the following method listed below.

Method 5: Reinstall Firefox & restart

Some affected users have actually reported that the problem was just refixed after they unmounted the Firefox software program and also reinstall it after a system rebegin. This is commonly reported to be effective in those instances wright here the worry occurs on 64-bit machines.

Here’s a quick guide on uninstalling Firefox & reinstalling the latest version available:

Press Windows essential + R to open up up a Run dialog box. Then, type “appwiz.cpl” and also press Enter to open up up the Programs and Features display.Type appwiz.cpl and also Press Go into to Open Installed Programs ListInside Programs and Features, scroll dvery own via the list of applications and find the Firefox installation. Once you see it, right-click on it and pick Uninstall.
Uninstalling Mozilla FirefoxAfter clicking Yes at the UAC Prompt, follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the Firefox browser.
Uninstalling FirefoxRestart your computer before attempting to reinstall the software. This action is extremely essential as many users have reported that the right-clicking worry remained until they rebegan between the uninstall & reinstall processes.Once the downpack is finish, open up the installation executable and follow the on-screen prompts to reinstall Firefox. When the procedure is complete, launch the Firefox internet browser and view if the problem has actually been resolved.

Method 6: Bypassing the “No right-click” rule

As discussed over, there are some peras in which the right-click functionality is disabled by the admin. If you’re only encountering this concern selectively (on a couple of internet pages) and you really should usage an choice from the right-click conmessage menu, you deserve to usage a couple of workarounds that will circumvent the concern. Follow whichever before guide seems more convpermit to your current instance.

Using the Shift Key

The most basic means to bypass the right-click use block is to save the Change essential pressed while perdeveloping the right-click. In a lot of situations, the context menu will certainly open also if the website at hand also would usually block it.

Using the Change vital to acquire about the right-click block

Forcing the right-click via the Configuration Menu

If you’d prefer to unblock the right-click food selection for the majority of internet pperiods you visit generally, the preferred strategy is to usage the Configuration page to modify the establishing web page associated with the Context Menu. But save in mind that this procedure entails accessing the covert Configuration food selection of Firefox. If you’re identified to go through via it, here’s what you have to do:

Open Firefox, type “about”config” in the navigating bar and also press Enter to open up up the Configuration page. When motivated by the Warning sign, click on I accept the risk! to gain entry to the Configuration Menu.
Accepting the RiskOnce you acquire inside the concealed Configuration Menu, form “context” inside the Search bar. Then, double-click dom.event.contextmenu.enabled.
Once the value of the dom.occasion.contextfood selection.enabled setting is set to false, rebegin The Firefox web browser and see if the problem is now circumvented.

Method 7: Changing Assign Settings

In some instances, merely altering some asauthorize settings deserve to obtain Firefox to occupational generally. In order to do that, follow the overview listed below.

Right-click on the Firefox icon on the dock.Select “Options>” and then inspect the “None” alternative in Assign to setting.

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Changing the settingCheck to check out if the issue persists.