Firefox restore private browsing session

BRIEFING: I was utilizing Firefox in normal mode (not personal browsing) via 5 windows opened up each of them through 4 tabs opened up at various webpperiods (youtube, google, and so on.). At some allude of my navigation, I chose to initiate an in personal searching session bereason I would certainly enter some credid card indevelopment over the web to make an order on a very renowned website.Ok, I gone into private browsing mode, put the itens I wanted to buy in my cart and also opened various other windows to verify if there was better/lower prices at other websites as pricegrabber etc. After all, I was in Firefox personal searching mode via 6 windows opened each of them with around three tabs opened at various webperas (gmail, youtube, gizmoperform, etc.).Here comes the disaster: At some allude, Firefox became unsresponsive and also, simply after, crashed closing all the opened up windows.When I restarted Firefox (normal mode), it opened simply the house page (normal mode). Then I went to the menu and asked to restore last session. Unfortunately, just the home windows of the normal mode (NOT PRIVATE BROWSING) were recovered. That"s ok, BUT WHAT I REALLY WANTED WERE THE WINDOWS I WAS ACTUALLY WORKING ON IN PRIVATE BROWSING MODE once it cramelted (of course, also recovered in exclusive looking mode), however they were not respanned at all.QUESTION: Can I recuperate the home windows and tabs I was working on throughout private browsing? If yes, how?Any suggestions from anybody?SUGGESTION: If tright here is no solution to my trouble, I think Firefox should implement a feature that would make it able to recuperate the windows and also tabs opened in personal searching once the software were later restarted (simply after the crash), besides, this have to be done instantly, after all, the user didn"t want it to crash at first location, and also if he is working/relooking something importantat choose in my case, the reseach job-related would be lost FOREVER.Another interesting (alternative) function would be, if Firefox were able to manage 2 simultaneous sessions: one in personal searching mode and also one in normal mode (not private=public?), bereason if that would certainly be possible the only window I would be using in personal mode would be the one at the webwebsite wright here I was making my purchase. In that instance, if it cramelted I would still have the ability to recover/reopen up all the other home windows and also tabs I was functioning on before the crash.MY COMPUTER (brand also new): Windows 7 Home Edition 64-little Initial, Intel iCore 7, 6Gb of RAM, plenty of cost-free space easily accessible on HD.

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By meaning Firefox can not gain back a session you initiated in Private Browsing Mode. The objective of that mode is to prevent Firefox from storing exactly the indevelopment that would be needed to restore such a session. No background, no cookies, no develops data, and so on are stored in the time of Private Browsing.

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