Firefox plugin container stopped working

Plugin Container in Mozilla Firefox browser (plugin-container.exe) is a feature emerged to prevent crashes led to by plugins. At times this process has actually been recognize to crash, displaying an error message – Plugin Container for Firefox has actually quit working.

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If you confront this issue, right here are a couple of things you could attempt to resolve the issue.


Plugin Container for Firefox has quit working

Generally speaking, before you begin, you need to update Firefox as well as update all your installed Firefox plugins, addon, themes to their latest versions. Having done that, attempt these specific suggestions.1> Update Shockwave PlayerVisit and also upday your Shockwave Player.2> Update Flash Player
Visit and upday your Shockwave Player.

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3> Disable Adobe Flash Protected ModeIf updating the over does not help, disable the Adobe Flash Protected Setting as complies with.Launch the Firefox internet browser, click the Menu switch and also pick Add-ons. Next, select the Plugins choice to expand also the full list of plugins set up.Then, uncheck the box marked versus “Enable Adobe Flash defended mode” entry of the Shockwave Flash.4> Disable Hardware AccelerationOpen Mozilla Firefox internet browser and select ‘Menu’ (visible as 3 dots). From Menu, navigate to Options.
Once there, scroll dvery own to Performance area and uncheck Use recommfinished performance settings checkbox to obtain accessibility to the Use hardware acceleration when possible entry.Simply uninspect this enattempt and also close the menu.I am sure something here will certainly aid you.

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