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I usage Firefox. When opening a new tab, the task of picking from the food selection by right-clicking the computer mouse is troublesome. So I want to collection it to instantly open up a new tab once clicked. What have to I do?

Also, I usage Startweb page, yet I desire to save settings such as filters and also do the same settings eextremely time. How deserve to I carry out that?

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I use this expansion to open a link directly in a brand-new tab via a appropriate click:

You can likewise usage this expansion to ensure that the new tab opens up straight beside the tab you are making use of fairly than defaulting to the extreme right:

On go to the Setups tab in the peak ideal corner- there you can select your settings and then either tell firefox to remember StartPage cookies (or whitelist in CookieAutoDelete if you usage that), or check out to the bottom of the settings web page to wbelow it claims 'Save your settings without a cookie', you have the right to then usage this URL as your default homepage in Firefox settings.

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Created Jan 25, 2008


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