Firefox hanging every few seconds

Back once FF 2.x came out, I can not use it because after I mounted it I had actually troubles with it hanging eincredibly 10 secs or so. It would hang on all kinds of web-peras, also on a blank page.I tried a lot of suggestions that I found in the producing a brand-new profile, checking anti-virus software application, disabling extensions / themes, and so on. You name it, I tried it.So after some aggravation I changed earlier to FF 1.5.x and I continued to be tright here till FF 2.5, which I had actually the very same problems aobtain. So I stuck to 1.5.x for a while longer.But I figured it was time to offer it an additional shot via FF 3.5. So I mounted it, and also when again, hangs eincredibly 10 secs. I searched the aobtain for probably a new answer, however I didn"t discover anything brand-new. I opened up Task manager and noticed that FF was taking up the many CPU consumption eincredibly 10 secs (CPU 100%). I chose to open up the profile folder to look for any kind of documents that didn"t belengthy prefer "...-1/-2/-3/-etc". But I didn"t find anything like that.But when I was scrolled down at the bottom of the folder, I noticed that eextremely 10 seconds a new file would certainly show up at the very end dubbed "sessionstore-1.js" which I think is an Upday for the sessionkeep.js file. After a few secs, it would be deleted...which was when FF would stop hanging. It looked suspiciously connected.Then I went to about:config and looked up "sessionstore" and also uncovered a variable dubbed "browser.sessionstore.interval" and also it was set to 10000 ms = 10 secs. I adjusted it to 1800000 ms = 30 minutes and also currently tright here are no even more hangs (other than eexceptionally 30 minutes, of course)!!!!I might simply disable it totally given that retrieving my sessions aren"t that critical. (I"ve encountered FF 1.5 and also that didn"t save sessions...)I believed I would certainly share that with this forum. Hopecompletely it will assist someone else later on.Thanks for all the suggestions in my previously searcs. This is an excellent forum to revolve to for my (not-so-often) FF troubles.

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Posted October 17th, 2009, 11:24 pm

With a modern computer system (800mhz or faster) the sessionkeep producing should not reason any type of slowdown. However, an antivirus program could decide that the updating of the file was a reason to scan the totality catalog or could fight Firefox for pergoals to the file. I suspect you could have actually additionally told the antivirus to not shave the right to the firefox folders and that would certainly have actually solved it also.But, if you do not need the session conserving / crash recovery then that"s fine too.

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Posted October 18th, 2009, 2:55 am

Thanks for that, malik641, well-spotted. I"m wondering if it could explain why my text cursor sometimes "sticks" or disappears completely when I"m editing a text box. So I"ve readjusted that setting to a much more realistic 10 mins (600000 ms). But anymethod, that acomponent, also in a period of extensive task, I doubt if my session (commonly 40-60 tabs) will certainly change considerably in a mere 10 seconds!--Terry, East Grinstead, UK
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Posted October 2third, 2009, 8:03 am

Whoo. Kind of an evident solution if you think about it, I intend, but wow. I definitely hadn"t had actually that believed. Disabled the bastard for my FF3. Let"s check out if that fixes FF"s atrocious behaviour so far.

Posted November third, 2009, 8:57 pm

mupc20, that"s an amazing assumed about the anti-virus and also producing an exclusion for the file. The difficulty is, I think I would certainly have to create an exclusion for both the sessionkeep.js and also sessionstore-1.js documents. And the problem with that is that the sessionstore-1.js file is developed and also deleted within a mere 10 seconds. I can"t catch it in time to tell my anti-virus software program to exclude it.The various other option would be to exclude the entirety brochure...however I"m not all that comfortable through that principle.All-in-all, I favor your pointer bereason I feel that it may have actually something to carry out via it.Oh, and below are my specs if anyone is interested:Windows XP Home SP3Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz1.00 GB RAM
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Posted November 3rd, 2009, 9:34 pm

Firefox initially creates a temp file via the first easily accessible number (sessionstore-1.js) if that succeeds then the original is deleted and also the temp file renamed to sessionstore.js. That way tright here have to constantly be a valid sessionstore.js in the profile folder if somepoint goes wrong with creating sessionstore-1.js. If you have protection software scanning and also locking the temp file sessionstore-1.js and also possibly sessionkeep.js too then you deserve to have actually the hang that you endure. Tright here is no need to let defense software application mess via documents in the profile folder. That will only cause problems and can cause file corruption.

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Congratulations on solving among the greatest annoyances of Firefox 3.x. After six months of dealing with these continuous hangs eextremely ten seconds, my web browser ultimately works choose new. I can actually percreate real tasks again! It"s hard to think that nobody from Mozilla eexceptionally bothered to submit a patch for this. Ten seconds default for a session reclaim update? That"s completely absurd.You my frifinish deserve a reward for your noble initiatives.--Randall
I carry out not run anti-spyware or anti-virus in the background of my COMPUTER, I have things locked up extremely well and also I"ve just had such spy/vir problems as soon as I"ve done something stupid. So anymethods..I had the hanging trouble eexceptionally so often, occasionally every 10 20 or 30 seconds. I review up on the sessionstore papers and did not see any problems in tbelow, other than for the updating of the sessionkeep file from sessionstore-1. I simply re-set up firefox after a thounstable clean and the hangups are gone. someone told me that the hangs might have actually something to carry out with a corrupt booknote. ?? can there be any type of truth to this because this appears favor such BS. firefox wouldn"t even have the bookmarks in actual "memory" until they were review from a record whilst looking at them, so ..uh.. I dunno.But yeah no hangs currently. I did an uninstall and exported my bookmarks right into backup and html, and copy and pasted my history if I ever before necessary to examine anything out. Mozilla must have really checked into this problem, and at the leastern had actually some suggestions for us besides the usemuch less "firefox hangs" overview for Christ"s sakes. Whoever before is reading this right now, yes you, the guy through the firefox hanging difficulty that really pisses you off when watching videos and inputting. If you"ve already tried everything else, attempt increasing the ms time on the sessionstore in about:config as declared over. If you really do not desire to mess with it or would certainly favor crash protection, create down your existing addons, conserve your bookmarks, and also uninstall firefox. Then go to the regime files/firefox catalog and delete it all. Then re install firefox (Yes you hafta usage IE for simply 30 short secs before you choose to run the Firefox install directly after downloading. Good luck.Bong Hits, Mushies, and also Square Meals. God is talking to us.