Firefox bookmarks toolbar not showing

Hi tright here, I hope someone can help me.On my old variation of firefox I had a toolbar wth my the majority of offered bookmarks on it, so that I could visit my favourite sites easily, and also I provided them a lot.Because upgrading, I no longer have actually this, yet now I have a folder in my bookmarks drop dvery own referred to as "Bookmarks Toolbar".Is tright here no method of obtaining my toolbar functioning again?I miss out on it a lot.Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks in development.PeteM!nt.

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Posted July fourth, 2008, 5:54 am

.i do not check out a lot difference in between the old and the newyou have the right to cut/copy bookmarks, and also paste on the Bookmarks Toolbar folder.either in Organize Bookmarks, or in Ctrl B

Posted July fourth, 2008, 5:59 am

Posted July 4th, 2008, 6:06 am

Ok, I have gone to View/toolbars/bookmarks toolbar and it is visible, however I cannot drop any kind of bookmarks onto it. If I include any, they just appear in the folder in my bookmarks dropdvery own menu.I"m not sure what"s going on?
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Posted July fourth, 2008, 6:33 am

Do you have actually 2 Bookmarks Toolbar Folders ? This happens if you execute an "Import" of your bookmarks. The Bookmarks Toolbar Folder is not over-written on Import, leaving you with 2 folders.You need to drag&drop the bookmarks from the Imported one, right into the other one that is many likely "empty".. Once they are moved, you can delete the 2nd bookmarks toolbar folder. You will likely need to close/restart Firefox to check out the alters.
a downgrade is not necessary; i prefer a sidegrade, Firefox 2 Portable ... _id=593061
. I"ve simply knowledgeable a similar problem; in my instance, a bookmarks toolbar was displaying, but the wrong folder was the basis for the toolbar. So exactly how execute you change it?Three facets were used: FF3, FF2portable, & Foxmarks.In FF2 select & collection the correct folder to be supplied for the Bookmarks Toolbar.In Foxmarks, uppack.In FF3, go to Foxmarks and also download.

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