File record segment is unreadable windows 10

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Summary: Why file document segment becomes unreadable? What are the possible reasons behind this concern and just how you deserve to solve it? In this post you will certainly know whatever about file segment unreadable worry and also solution for this issue.

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Before we proceed to deal with the Documents Record Segment is Unreadable concern, let’s understand also Documents Record Segment easily.

What is File Record Segment?

Every file device stores indevelopment about the records on a storage drive, which is dubbed Documents Record Segment (FRS). NTFS stores these records (normally 1KB size) in Master Documents Table (MFT) and FAT file systems (FAT16/32 & exFAT) store it in Documents Alplace Table (FAT).

The file record comprises the file name, day, dimension, type, and physical deal with of the file on the storage drive. When the OS requirements to access a paper, it initially scans the file system table for the file record, reads the physical address of the file, and then reaches actual location on the drive to review the data.


Why Does ‘Data Record Segment is Unreadable’ Error Appear?

Bad sectors cause ‘Documents Record Segments is Unreadable’ error which shows up once CHKDSK sdeserve to is executed. Windows might likewise immediately execute CHKDSK scan during the mechanism startup if it finds or detects any type of inconsistency or disk error.

A bad sector is a cluster of storage blocks on the drive that gets defected and also execute not respond to any read/create operation. Thus, as soon as a sector or block wbelow a paper record is conserved goes poor, the file record segment becomes unreadable. This can occur via both internal and also external hard drives consisting of SSDs.

What happens as soon as a Data Record Segment becomes Unreadable?

The error is an indicator of a failing drive and also poses a far-ranging risk to the data stored on the drive. When Windows can’t find or review the file document in the file device table, you can’t accessibility the data. Unfortunately, these poor sectors can’t be repaired.

Also, when several file record segments come to be unreadable because of poor sectors, a tough drive may get corrupt and also rotate RAW or unknown by Windows.

How to Fix File Record Segment is Unreadable?

There is no method to settle Documents Record Segment is Unreadable error, as negative sectors can’t be repaired. However, you may try CHKDSK shave the right to and also attempt to retrieve information from poor sectors. But this deserve to have adverse effects with the potential of bring about information corruption.

The only safe means to gain ago the inobtainable and also shed data as a result of Documents Record Segment is Unreadable worry is by using a Windows data recoextremely software application. Following are the measures to obtain ago the data from a disk reflecting File Record is Unreadable message.

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Recovering File by utilizing Data Recoincredibly tool

: It is strongly recommfinished to take backup of obtainable information before proceeding through further steps.

Downfill and also Install the Stellar Data Recovery Standard software program on a Windows PC.Connect the exterior hard drive to the COMPUTER via USB port. If you are prompted to the ‘Style tough Drive’ alternative box, click ‘No’. Skip this step if the drive is internalLaunch the software

Check the ‘All Data’ checkbox under ‘Everything’ and also click the ‘Next’ buttonThen pick the impacted internal/outside storage drive, and turn on ‘Deep Scan’.After the shave the right to, recoverable papers and folders are listed in the left tree see pane. Click on the ‘Data Type’ tab to quickly type the information.

You deserve to likewise click a document to check out its preview prior to conserving.

Select documents to recuperate from the scan outcomes. Use the search bar to situate desired filesClick the ‘Recover’>‘Browse’ switch to select the place wbelow you desire to conserve the reextended information.

Finally, click the ‘Start Saving’ switch. The schosen recovered records and also folders consisting of those via Data Record Segment is Unreadable error are conserved at the wanted location.Connect to a Different COMPUTER or Use Linux LiveCD

Connect the drive to a various Windows system and access the data. Run CHKDSK sdeserve to to see if ‘Data Record Segment is Unreadable’ error still exists.

However before, if an additional PC isn’t available or the drive is interior, follow the steps below to produce a Live LiveCD and examine if your drive is recognizable and also data is retrievable.


For this solution, a USB thumb drive of size 8GB or more is compelled. Once you have the thumb drive, follow the measures, and also attempt respanning the documents by using Ubuntu Live CD/USB:

Downpack Rufus app and also Ubuntu OS ISO picture.Connect the 8GB USB thumb drive to PCRun Rufus and then choose the 8GB USB thumb drive from the drop down and also leave whatever default.Next off, from ‘Create a bootable disk using’ checkbox, select ISO Image. By default, it claims Free DOS.Click Start. When finimelted, shut dvery own the PC.Press power switch to start PC/laptop and immediately begin pressing F2 or F12 or DEL (please refer PC/Lappeak user manual) to enter the boot options menu.Select USB thumb drive as a bootable drive utilizing arrowhead keys and also hit Enter to boot Ubuntu.Now pick Ubuntu Live and also hit Get in. Do not select Install.Next off, affix the hard drive to the PC running Ubuntu Live CD/USB. OpenFile Explorer and also check if the papers are accessible now

CHKDSK Sdeserve to (Optional)

In case difficult drive is still not well-known, attempt running CHKDSK scan by complying with these steps:

Open elevated command prompt windowType chkdsk /r X: wright here X is the drive letter mirroring Documents Record Segment is unreadablePress ‘Enter

If the exact same error appears aacquire, usage the recommended data recovery technique to gain back data without damaging it any further. Then format the drive and also use a SMART disk analysis tool to examine if the drive is failing or it is still usable.


Almeans keep a backup of the instrumental documents and also folders. You have the right to use cloud storage or regional outside drive for the backup. It will assist avoid unexpected cases such as unreadable file segment record that reason information loss.

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Also, defragment your interior and also outside tough drives as soon as in a while. Additionally, you may also run CHKDSK scan to keep the drive in great form. And if the file record segment is unreadable error message appears, usage a data recoincredibly software such as the Stellar File Recovery- Standard to acquire back your crucial information.

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