File not found or no read permission compressed zipped folder windows 10

Windows 7 64-little bit skilled. I am logged in as an administrator. UAC is not active on this machine.

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Any attempt to produce a zip file results in a dialog that claims "Unable to finish the procedure. Access is denied".
If I select a document or group of files/folders, right-click and say "Send to Zip", I gain this error. Interestingly, while the error dialog is still open, the zip file will certainly display up in the current folder. Clicking OK in the error dialog cancels the dialog and also clears the zip file.

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This shows up to be some type of pergoals thing. I have the right to produce a zip file by right-clicking in the traveler home window and clicking on "new", then "compressed (zipped) folder", and it will certainly produce the file simply fine. I can even offer it a name. Any attempt to copy anypoint into this new zip file results in "Data not uncovered or no review permission" error. Attempting to delete the zip file claims "You need permission from Administrators to make alters to this folder"
So currently I open the properties for the zip file and also go to the Security tab. It is here that I find that this file has no owner assigned to it. I can then modify the owners, add my name as owner of the file, asauthorize Full Control to myself, apply the changes, and also currently the zip file can be read/written/deleted commonly.
So anytime I have to produce a zip file, I have to go through the measures of Create->Edit Properties->Assign Owner->Apply->Add Files to Zip file. It"s a royal pain in the keester.

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My question is: what transforms need to be made to asauthorize me as an owner by default once a zip file is created? This appears to take place with only zip documents, no other file form provides me this difficulty. This has actually occurred ever before considering that I got this computer system brand also brand-new through Windows 7 64-little bit on it. I can"t say that it is a "virgin" install, it was imaged by a corporate IT group (I occupational for a fairly large company). This group does not have a clue what"s going on and supposedly, others in our agency are not reporting this difficulty.
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In reply to hokie21's article on December 20, 2013
Solved! The problem is with the permissions on the "TEMP" magazine that is offered in the time of the zip process. See this posting and also scroll down to "most helpful reply"