File explorer crashes windows 8.1

FYI: I DO have a messed up tough drive, so it could not be fixable, and will certainly gain a new one, but I still require a temporary solve for this if feasible, please!

It likewise crashes if I attempt to copy them through Ctrl+C (because that's the only method I have the right to attempt to copy them other than cmd, which functions yet is not straightforward to occupational with), and if I try to directly open file traveler, rather I need to open up a certain folder, or it crashes explorer.exe.

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Thank you for any attempt to help me.


You've a lot of most likely inadvertently mounted some kind of explorer extension which has become corrupt or is conflicting. There are tools out there to assist remove arbitrary extensions, though you'll need to know what your doing otherwise you may reason even more damages. Do a google for shell extension remover or shell expansion manager. That should carry up a few hits. I can't remember the name of the tool I usage and also I'm not home to examine, however let me know just how you obtain on through those searches.

I'll look right into this, but I really don't think I did, I don't respeak to installing anypoint at all given that it was last functioning before it quit working.

Thank you.

Disable anypoint highlighted in red (non-microsoft) especially if it looks dodgy

If that still doesn't work-related, sfc /scannow

Okay, I did the initially thing, and it works, so then I began re-enabling them in small teams, and also now they are all energetic again through no issues! Now I am worried it will start happening aobtain, so I need to ask: should I be? Or is it possible that it is actually fixed?

Edit: okay, so I reboot and the problem starts aget... I guess I will test it after EACH INDIVIDUAL NON-MICROSOFT SHELL EXTENSION :/

Well, give thanks to you incredibly a lot, I currently have actually the indicates to deal with it, it will certainly simply take a while.

I will attempt that initially one, yet I currently did sfc /scannow in elevated CMD, and also it said "uncovered corrupt documents yet couldn't deal with them".

Thank you.

Do you have actually Norton installed? If so, get rid of it.

Edit: to clarify, a corrupt Norton install have the right to often have actually these types of results on traveler.

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Source: Geek Squad repair agent.

Nope, turns out, Norton installs it's own backdoor! So I haven't had any version of it in years.

Anymeans, I found what it was and also disabled it, currently I just have to solve Google Chrome XD.

Thank you.

No, but I have actually an additional one that I hadn't ever before logged in and it didn't job-related there.But it is resolved now, sorry, I will certainly edit the post.

Thank you.

Do you have actually Google Drive installed? That thing maintained crashing my traveler until I turned off the file sync condition symbols.

No, the difficulty was a third party Covering Exstress, and also choose the modify claims, it functions now, I resolved it.

But many thanks anymethod.

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