Feature update to windows 10, version 1803 - error 0xc1900130

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Hi Christina,Open the Setups AppGo to Update and Security - Windows UpdatesWhat is the KB variety of the update(s) waiting to install?To obtain the Windows Upday company functioning aget, please attempt this fix:Click your Start Button, kind cmd, then ideal click Command also Prompt and also pick "Run as Administrator"Run the following commands, one at a time and also hit Get in after each one:SC config wuauserv start= autoSC config bits start= autoSC config cryptsvc start= autoSC config trustedinstaller start= autoCshed Command also Prompt and rebegin your PCUpon rebegin, inspect to view if Windows Upday is workingReference: DevonBassonhttps://classiccomputers.info/en-us/windows/for...
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1. Is this a function upday to 1709 or some KB update? To understand this -To verify whether these are set up or not - Windows Key+I to invoke Settings > Upday & Security > See which updays are gaining set up. If this indevelopment is not obtainable right here > Click View installed update history to watch which updays have actually been set up.Make a note of KB variety of this update.2. Right click Windows Start > Windows Powershell (Admin)Type following (or copy and paste following) one by one and also Enternet speak wuauservnet sheight cryptSvcnet sheight bitsnet soptimal msiserverRen C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.oldRen C:WindowsSystem32catroot2 Catroot2.oldnet start wuauservnet begin cryptSvcnet begin bitsnet start msiserver 3. Type adhering to in Windows Start Search box and hit Enter %systemroot%LogsCBS > Rename CBS.Log to somepoint else.If it does not enable you to rename - Type services in Windows Start Search box > Click Services > Scroll dvery own to find the Windows Modules Installer business and also double-click on it > Set its startup type to Manual > Reboot your computerGo to C:WindowsLogsCBS > Rename CBS.Log > Reboot your computer > Then go back into the Services App and set Windows Modules Installer Service ago to Automatic Startup (Note CBS log records contain indevelopment about home windows upday, SFC etc)(Source - https://partnersupport.classiccomputers.info.com/en-us/par_...)3. If this is a normal KB upday -You deserve to downfill the updays from classiccomputers.info Catalog and also update manually. Search for appropriate KB in the Catalog.classiccomputers.info Catalog - https://www.brochure.upday.classiccomputers.info.com/Home.aspx4. If this is a feature upday to 1709 - You deserve to go to https://www.classiccomputers.info.com/en-us/software-downlo...4.1 Click Upday now to update to 1709 through Upgrade Assistant.OR4.2 You have the right to downpack the latest Windows 10 package from this link (media creation tool) and also follow the instructions tright here to upgrade. Use the very simple instructions offered under Using this tool to upgrade this COMPUTER to Windows 10https://www.classiccomputers.info.com/en-us/software-downlo...

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