Failed to schedule software protection service for restart

Root Cause

The root cause, in my instance, was a corruption in the XML papers that manage job scheduling for the Software Protection service. I am not certain what caused this error, yet it appeared to begin after a doprimary controller was not shut down cleanly.Microsoft’s main documentation reports that one more cause may be a miscomplement between the permissions offered to run the job and the permissions on the files that regulate the job. However before, most civilization have reported that the difficulty is brought about by corrupted XML documents. Also, note that the Microsoft documentation is inexact when it says that the task have to run as the NETWORK SERVICE account. If the task is prompted by an interactive user logon, it need to run as account Interactive.

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The a lot of advantageous TechNet thcheck out explains a number of means to fix the corrupt XML files. I did not need to execute anypoint including the Regisattempt, so I recommend the complying with solution. Due to the fact that I have actually other doprimary controllers running Windows Server 2012r2, I did the following:

On the difficulty system, back up all files in the brochure C:WindowsSystem32TasksMicrosoftWindowsSoftwareProtectionPlatform From a system that is functioning, copy all files in the catalog C:WindowsSystem32TasksMicrosoftWindowsSoftwareProtectionPlatcreate. Put them in a location wbelow you can accessibility them on the difficulty device. DO NOT attempt to paste them on height of the existing records in that path!Re-name the records to add an XML extension so that they have the right to be imported.Navigate to to Computer Management->System Tools->Task Scheduler->Task Scheduler Library->Microsoft->Windows->SoftwareProtectionPlatformRight-click on each task and also choose Delete. You did ago them up, right???Right-click on SoftwareProtectionPlatform and also select Import Task…Import each of the XML job documents that you replicated from the various other computer.Go to Computer Management->Services and Applications->Services and rebegin the Software Protection business. It wouldn’t hurt to reboot the device.Log out, log back in, and also examine the Event Viewer to view if the errors have actually stopped.

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One TechNet user in that threview reported that they didn’t should obtain papers from a functioning system. On the trouble device, they right-clicked on each task, selected Export, and also saved the XML to one more place. They then deleted each job and also re-imported from the XML records. This would certainly be the easiest solution, but I haven’t verified that it functions. Please let me understand if it operated for you.

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Hallo allgemein,ich habe mal eine Frage bezüglich offizieller Windows -Fehler .Die Datei svcrestartjob von der Software Protection Platcreate ist ganz offensichtlich falsch programmiert mit Ausführungsdatum 7.8.2120 .Auch bei anderen Rechnern ist dieses Datum falsch programmiert in diesem Task.In der Ereignisanzeige treten nun alle 30 Sekunden Fehler auf wegen falscher Security-SPP Fehler 16385 , tausende bis jetzt .Was passiert nun,wenn guy die Aufgabe svcrestartjob einfach löscht in der Augabenplanung ? Microsoft warnt ja davor, diese zu löschen,das gäbe Ärger beim Installieren von Programguys. Nur, was nutzt eine fehlerhafte Datei mit Fehleranzeigen ?Transplantieren von einem anderen Rechner nimmt meiner nicht an. Da komguys sofort Fehlermeldungen bevor ich die Aufgabe importierenkann. scannow und DISM ohne Fehleranzeige.