Failed to get the ctrnand firm

One day a few weeks ago, I turned on my New 3DS XL, and also the blue light appeared, then faded to black. I’ve tried rerelocating the battery, removing the SD Card, and removing the Video Game Card. I’ve likewise backed up and also reformatted the microsd card, and nothing worked. At some point I determined that squeezing the sides hard made it boot choose normal, but it turned off after approximately a minute. Now if I try to do that, it reflects the custom splash, then says:

An error has occurred:

Unable to mount CTRNAND or pack the CTRNAND FIRM

Please usage an exterior one.

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Press any kind of switch to shutdvery own.

Please aid, all I wanted to do was play Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

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Did you attempt Googling (or whatever) the error message? Might revolve up some reference. Also if you provided physical manipulation (banging, squeezing, shaking etc) the unit, that may be somepoint is misaligned or come loose in the unit if intermittently the unit shows signs of life. Sometimes cursing in a really loud voice will lead to positive results as well but hardly ever does that occur. lol If the unit isn"t under warranty, you can want to open up the unit and do a visual inspection for anypoint that looks out of area such as loose or broken wires, dirty or loose connectors, or damaged digital components.

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I’ve tried googling it, but namong the scenarios civilization have remained in were exactly like mine is. Namong their options worked either

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Hi Griffin S,

Looks prefer your 3DS has actually been bricked.

Perhaps it helps!

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Do I need a flashcart?

Not sure. Guess it"s stored on the Micro SD. Did the link I gave, helps ?

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