Failed to change subtitle track

Recently, none of the subtitles for any present are working on my android application. I've updated it, unmounted and remounted it and also exact same point. The app on my Kindle works fine and also once I use chromecast it's fine. Anybody else have actually this problem?


I have actually been having actually the exact same concerns on my Note 3. The just thing that worked for me was:

turning off the subtitles

entirely closing out of the app

restart app

after doing this, the subtitles turned earlier on by itself without me having actually to go in and turning it ago on.

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also, im realizing this threview is old. yet perhaps it can assist someone? maybe?

This didn't work-related for me, I figured it was bereason of my old phone yet that doesn't seem to be true once reading the thcheck out.

I'm frustrated because mine will work as lengthy as I am on Wi-Fi but not on my cell phone's information.

They responded with a netoccupational connectivity problem, advised me to reboot router and also or modem. Nadda, not functioning, stuck with no inscription on my one android tool. Every various other gadgets, functioning well, interestingly.... They are all on the same netoccupational.

Oh and funny thing is, some langueras of the exact same subtitle occupational. But not English. Hah.

It's not simply US, it's the exact same here in Finland also. No subtitles at all on Samsung galaxy tab 3.

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I have an infinite information setup, full 4g bars and a galaxy 4. Even found a method to contact them and nothing helps. So a lot for the brand-new original Jdrama

I am having the exact same problem with my Galaxy Tab 4. I don't have subtitles as soon as I am on my android phone mobile Hotspot. Hope they settle it quickly. Subtitles work fine on Hulu and also various other streaming sites.

I'm having the very same problem. Unfortunately I have actually began utilizing various other streaming services in the meantime. It provides no feeling to me. They have the potential of alienating a huge percent of their customers by not offering equal company to both Apple and Android individuals...and then simply not doing anypoint around it.

Okay vent is done. I guess I could play external instead of watching TV.

Lol I should probably do that as well... yet I don't get just how all of a sudden it quit working. It was fine someday and also the next it was gone.

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I am having actually the same problem on both my galaxy 3 and my old institution motorola xoom. Odd thing is that it works fine when I actors them to my tv. Doesn't matter if I am on 4G or wifi

Same problem samsung tab 4, finished S1 of Narcos, currently on S2 & all of a sudden subtitles quit functioning in Episode 2


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