Facebook videos green and purple

There’s a weird bug that’s interrupting many people’s suffer while utilizing YouTube on the Google Chrome web browser. Videos will be washed in purple and also green colors. The concern was reported even more in the previous week, so we have created a guide that will certainly assist you to solve it. The difficulty may likewise be existing while viewing GIF papers.

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Correcting the Flags Settings

One feasible solution is to go type “chrome://flags” in the Chrome resolve bar


You should then close Google Chrome and re-launch it.

Other alternatives

If those methods don’t occupational, you need to take into consideration uninstalling the web browser and then installing it aobtain. You deserve to also think about switching to another web browser, prefer Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or also Microsoft’s Edge (you deserve to import all your accounts, passwords, and usernames from Chrome to the various other browsers.) You can likewise try to upday your Adobe Flash player.

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Also, install the latest motorists for your GPU (video card.)

What’s leading to the YouTube and GIF concerns on Google Chrome?

The trouble deserve to be resulted in by misinformation provided in the regulates of the browser to YouTube. Google has actually announced that they’ll cut off support to Flash Player on their web browser, so worry are to be supposed. Flash has the majority of defense worries, and it’s prevalent for the majority of sites to try and replace it through various other options choose HTML5. Tbelow was additionally the case with the fake Flash player update that was provided to provide malware. Overall, the once great Flash Player has fallen out of favor.