F2 not working in excel

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So have you ever before had actually your F2 modifying switch stop working? (I use mine a lot for editing cells in Excel). For the longest time mine had stopped working and well I had actually just offered up on it. Now I"ve realized that tright here is an F Lock essential

so I simply pressed it aget and tbelow ya go, my F2 is functioning again!! Woot!


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Thanks for making me look at my complete keyboard; the F lock! I have actually been working about for 2 days; thanks for the tip!!

F Lock !!!!! Thank you SO a lot for posting this in 2012! I just googled my problem and also discovered the solution thanks to your post! Have an excellent day!

 Thanks!  I"ve been ready to chunk my wiremuch less keyboard in the trash all afternoon.  Now I simply feel stupid!

This did the trick.

It"s weird that the F-Lock vital has to be turned on for the Funciton Keys to work-related. Seems like Microsoft would have actually it turned on by default (for attribute keys) instead of the various other method roughly.

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Great Tip!! Excel is usable aobtain..

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Thank you, give thanks to you, give thanks to you.  My frustration level functioning in Excel has simply dropped tenfold.

Got a new MS Natural Keyboard a month back,A few days ago F2 quit working.Must have actually tapped it accidentally.Thanks for the deal with !

Been using the F2 modify key given that Lotus 1-2-3 in 1983.Got a brand-new MS Natural Keyboard a month earlier,A few days earlier F2 stopped functioning.Must have tapped it accidentally.Thanks for the fix !

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