External hard drive crashes windows explorer


When you attach an exterior difficult drive to your computer system to attend to some worries, you might discover that you computer system freezes. In this case, carry out you know exactly how to resolve this exterior hard drive freezes computer system problem? Now, you can review this post to get the answers.

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External Hard Drive Freezes Computer

As a portable storage gadget, an outside difficult drive have the right to be connected to a computer by means of a USB cable, FireWire link, or even wirelessly. Generally, an outside difficult drive has a big storage capacity which is mainly offered to earlier up your computer or serve as a netoccupational drive.

It is an annoying point if there is something wrong via the external tough drive particularly tright here are crucial papers on the drive. The following external hard drive freezes computer case from reddit.com is significant trouble for a lot of of you.


This user desires to search for a tool to recoup the considerable records on the Seagate exterior difficult drive which regularly freezes computer system once plugged in, and also a piece of free information recoextremely software application will be more appreciated.

This user thinks the exterior hard drive recoextremely expense is high and also he can’t afford it. If you experience this worry, you might also want to recover information at the lowest expense. However before, is tbelow a cost-free information recoexceptionally tool which have the right to be supplied to recuperate data from exterior difficult freezes computer?

When you search for a cost-free data recoincredibly tool on the internet, you will find that freeware have the right to just work on a normal working computer system and the complete capacity of documents you deserve to recuperate is limited.

When the concern pointed out in this article happens, you will certainly be unable to use your Windows as usual. So, a free outside tough drive information recovery tool can’t fulfill your should recoup information from such an outside difficult drive.

In this case, you deserve to consider utilizing a boot edition of this classiccomputers.info information recoincredibly routine - MiniDevice Power Data Recovery Publication Disk, which deserve to run in WinPE, to rescue your records on the exterior tough drive.

This software program has actually four recoexceptionally modules: This PC, Removable Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive and CD/DVD Drive.

This PC module is designed to recoup papers from the logically damaged partition, formatted partitions and also RAW partitions.Hard Disk Drive can retrieve information from lost partition which is brought about by crashed Windows operating device, mistaken deletion, device upday, and also more.CD/DVD Drive can be provided to reclaim data from damaged or scratched CDs and DVDs.

Obviously, This PC module can be supplied to recover data from the external difficult drive which freezes your computer.

You should use the snap-in MiniDevice Bootable Media, which is offered by the Deluxe and over editions, to develop a USB boot disk or CD/DVD boot disk of this information recoextremely software.

If you are a personal user, classiccomputers.info Power Data Recoextremely Personal Deluxe deserve to fully meet your require. And through just U.S. $ 89.00, you can get a complimentary life time upgrade company.

How to usage this software application to recoup data from an outside difficult drive? We will certainly make a step-by-step guide in the adhering to component. You have the right to refer to this overview to fix your issue if you are facing the same trouble.

How to Recover Documents from External Hard Drive Freezes Computer as soon as Plugged in

Preparation: Create a Boot Disk

Since the computer can run usually when the outside difficult drive is rerelocated from it, you have the right to produce a boot disk on your computer system straight.

Tip 1: After installing and also registering the software application on the computer, you should affix a USB disk or CD/DVD to your computer (in this article, we will certainly usage a USB disk as the location disk). Then, you deserve to open up the software application to enter the software program interface.

On the left bottom of the interchallenge, you can watch a Bootable Media button. You have to click on it to proceed.


Step 2: This software will certainly pop out a small window as adheres to. You have to click on the WinPE-based media with MiniDevice plug-in alternative.


Step 3: Another home window will certainly show up. The linked USB flash disk will certainly be detected and also presented by this software application. You need to click it and also a window geneprices.

The message on the pop-out home window will certainly inform you that “The data on the USB disk will be destroyed.” So, you have to make certain that tright here are no necessary documents on it. Then, you have the right to click on the Yes button to begin the structure procedure.


Tip 4: When the structure procedure is finished, you will see the following messeras. Please click Finish button to quit this interchallenge.


Now, the classiccomputers.info Power File Recovery Boot Disk is all set.

Then, it’s time for you to use this boot disk to recover information from the exterior hard drive.

Data Recovery: Use MiniDevice to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Tip 1: Just shut down your computer, and then connect the external difficult drive to your pc. Next, you need to collection your computer to access BIOS. After that, you must set your computer to boot from the boot disk. Then, you need to push F10 button to save this setting and leave this interface.


Step 2: Your computer will certainly enter the following interchallenge, and also then launch classiccomputers.info Power Data Recoexceptionally automatically.


Step 3: Then, you will certainly enter the This PC recovery module interconfront straight.

All linked hard drives including interior tough drives and outside tough drives will certainly be shown on this interconfront. The drive letters under WinPE and also the drive letters under Windows Explorer might be various. So, you have to determine the taracquire partition you desire to recoup by its capacity.

After checking the partition you want to recuperate, you must click on Scan switch to begin the scanning process. Or, you deserve to double-click the taracquire partition to perform this work.

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Tip 4: This software application will certainly take some minutes to end up the scanning process. After that, you will certainly enter the shave the right to result interface. And both deleted and existing documents are presented on this interchallenge.

On this interconfront, the scanned papers are classified by the course. You can unfold each path to discover the records you want to recuperate.


You can additionally click on Type tab to make this software application show you the records in kind. It can assist you to find the target records conveniently.

Of course, if you understand the name of the file you desire to recuperate, you deserve to click on Find function and also enter its name to locate it directly.

Filter function allows you to make an advanced filter of the scanned records by the Filename/Extension, Size, Date, and even more.


Tip 5: After checking the records you want to recuperate, you have to click on Save switch. Then, this software application will certainly pop out a window. You can select a proper course on the computer system to save these selected records.

After the recoextremely process, you have the right to remove the exterior hard drive from your computer system, and also then open the COMPUTER to use the recovered files straight.

My WD passport freezes my computer system. Then, I use classiccomputers.info Power Data Recoincredibly Boot Disk to rescue its documents conveniently. Share it with you.Click to tweet

If you are interested in the remainder 3 recoincredibly modules, you deserve to learn them from the Documents Recoincredibly Aid on the MiniDevice main website.

How to Fix External Hard Drive Casupplies Computer to Freeze Issue

If your computer system freezes when accessing outside hard drive, you must consider whether tright here is a difficulty via the computer system or a trouble with the exterior tough drive.

Case 1: Tbelow Is a Problem via the External Hard Drive

If the exterior hard drive freezes any kind of computer system when plugged in, you need to take into consideration that tright here is somepoint wrong via the external hard drive.

In this situation, you’d much better recuperate data from the exterior difficult drive using MiniDevice Power Data Recoextremely Boot Disk, and also then format the exterior tough drive to go back to its normal state.

You have the right to additionally usage the boot disk of this classiccomputers.info information recovery software application to format this exterior tough drive. So, you still have to usage a full edition of this software application to carry out this job.

Tip 1: After conserving data on the outside tough drive, you deserve to cshed the software application. Then, you will be back to the classiccomputers.info PE Loader screen. Click on Command Console to proceed.


Tip 2: The Command Prompt window will certainly pop out. Please type Diskpart and push Enter switch.


Tip 3: Then, you need to type list disk and also press Enter. Now the drives linked to the computer will certainly be noted on the window. You can identify them from their disk number and dimension. Here, disk 1 is the tarobtain exterior hard drive.


Tip 4: Now, you need to form choose disk 1 and also press Enter. This home window will certainly show Disk 1 is currently the selected disk.


Tip 5: Type clean and also push Enter. Then, DiskPart will certainly clean all files and also folders on disk 1.


Tip 6: To use the outside difficult drive as usual, you must produce a partition on that drive. So, you have to kind develop partition primary and also push Enter.


Step 7: You likewise have to format the partition through a record system. For circumstances, if you desire to usage the NTFS file mechanism, you should type format fs=ntfs and also push Enter. It will take a lengthy time to complete this formatting process. Please be patient.


Step 8: You need to assign a drive letter for the exterior difficult drive to make it be shown in Windows Explorer. So, please kind assign and also press Enter.


Now, the exterior tough drive is formatted with a drive letter effectively. You deserve to shut down your computer and also set the COMPUTER to boot from Windows aobtain. After that, you have the right to examine whether exterior difficult drive freezes computer or not.

Case 2: Tright here Is a Problem via the Computer

Unfavor instance 1, when the outside difficult drive is connected to an additional computer, exterior tough drive causes computer to freeze issue doesn’t appear.

In this case, your computer may have actually absent or corrupted mechanism files, and also you don’t have to make outside difficult drive recoincredibly.

Power outage, compelled shutdvery own of computer system, and such habits frequently reason corrupted system records and drives. To deal with this issue, you can try running SFC.

The Microsoft main assist overview Use the System Documents Checker tool to repair absent or corrupted system files teaches you exactly how to run SFC.

If your computer system freezes when accessing external hard drive, you’d better refer to the over 2 situations to identify which case you are facing and also then take equivalent procedures.

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Bottom Line

External tough drive freezes computer once plugged in? Don’t worry! You can try classiccomputers.info Power Data Recoexceptionally Boot Disk to settle this issue. Read this short article to learn the abilities.

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Should you have any question once you are making use of this MiniDevice information recovery regimen, you can leave a message listed below, or you can write an email and also sfinish it to . If you have actually any beneficial remedies, you have the right to likewise share via us.