External hard drive always running

Basically what I desire to carry out is deliver all my reflects onto an exterior hard drive and also leave it plugged in/have actually it constantly playing my shows in a playlist. I am wondering if this will certainly be bad for my hard drive and also if there's a far better means to go around this? Thanks.

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For the first part: there’s been most conflict on whether maintaining a drive constantly running or spinning it dvery own and earlier is better irreversible, yet because results are so equivalent and also inconclusive, you should be fine either means. I personally save my drives running throughout the day and also power off at night.

For the second part: tbelow is a far better method than playing video constantly. Tbelow are setting for your OS and BIOS that you deserve to usage to modify or disable drive hibercountry for power-saving. Some exterior drives can attempt to override your settings, in which instance little third-party programs can assist. I presently use NoSleepHD but I’m sure there are various other remedies that can not even call for a record to be created to the targain drive.

Thanks for the response. I think I’ll perform the very same and also power off my drive at night when not in use. Also say thanks to you for the pointer. I’ll look right into NoSleepHD as it sounds pretty valuable.

I favor Seagate Expansion or other drives that have actually no on/off switch for this. It's annoying to have to poke the exterior drive ago on after a power brownout.

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As lengthy as you realize any storage deserve to go negative and also have actually backups or can otherwise acquire the data earlier, it's fine. My torrental fees are hosted off an external hard drive sticking out of the back of a minitower COMPUTER (because the situation itself didn't have actually a nice location to mount the drive, and also I didn't desire to carry out a "labgore" from r/homelab on it).

Shouldn't be a difficulty.Watching movies/tv shows isn't even stressful for a drive considering that they're very compressed and also a lot have the right to be stored in the cache.

The just trouble is a lot of outside difficult drive enclosures that come via the drives are total shit once it concerns heat. If you're actually stressing the drive for long periods of time it's not uncommon for an external to reach temperatures approximately 60c. This deserve to generally be resolved by adding a little bit of airflow around the drive yet some enclosures have no real ventilation.

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You might look into purchasing an outside enclosure via better warm performance to put your drive in however for the majority of world it's not worth the trouble. Just don't go zero filling the exterior eextremely day in the enclosure unmuch less you point a fan at it, and you'll be fine.