Explorer.exe not starting automatically windows 10

For some reason once I boot my lapoptimal now (winxp), it doesn"t begin traveler.exe automatically; I"m left through a desktop background and a computer mouse pointer. I have to run taskman and start traveler.exe manually.

Recently I had Spyware Dr. detect a major risk, and I was wondering if tright here was anymethod to re-hookup traveler.exe on startup.

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Click startClick RunType "cmd" then hit enterType "sfc /scannow"Note: U will certainly need ur XP installation CD


Check that it hasn"t been disabbrought about run at logon via Autoruns:




That is a strong indication of malware on your system!While that may not necessarily be the difficulty, its somepoint to think around initially.

Here is one discussion threview and another older one.


Can your start it manually or is the executable itself missingWhat is registered at the Winlogin Shell essential (referred in one more answer here)
You can attempt these steps to get explorer.exe to begin through logon again :

open up up Regisattempt Editor (regmodify.exe)go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWS NT/CURRENT VERSION/WINLOGONuncover the "Shell" essential and also relocation whatever value you uncover down there with traveler.exe

Hope this helps!

i produced a new ADMIN account. moved my records from old account to new one. then deleted the old admin account. whatever is perfect now

Can you produce an enattempt in the startup list? In begin, all programs, startup. Just produce a brand-new shortcut to explorer.exe (great luck tracking down the path). Works on Vista, maybe xp.

Not a solution I understand, but a fairly easy workroughly.

I have seen this a couple of times currently, the majority caused by pesky malware.

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Try percreating a system restore back to as soon as your computer system was working okay.

It will certainly sindicate roll back the regisattempt and also mechanism records to a details day.

Log on as Administrator (or a user through regional administrator rights)Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System RestoreSelect Restore my computer to an previously time and click NextSelect the the majority of recent mechanism reclaim point from the list and click NextClick OKClick Next

Give that a go.

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