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If you desire a distraction-totally free endure while surfing the internet, Mozilla Firefox has a handy full-display screen mode. The Firefox user interconfront doesn't take up a far-ranging amount of actual estate. Still, tbelow are occasions where the browsing experience is much better once viewing it full-screen. Activating it is a basic process. We display you how below.

Indevelopment in this short article applies to the Mozilla Firefox web internet browser on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.

How to Activate Full-Display Mode in Firefox

This tutorial walks you with it step-by-action on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platcreates.

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To activate Full-Screen mode, pick the Firefox food selection, located in the upper-ideal corner of the internet browser home window and also represented by 3 horizontal lines.


When the pop-out food selection appears, select the full-display screen symbol. It's a brief line via 2 arrows pointing to oppowebsite corners. You have the right to check out it highlighted in the photo below.

You deserve to also usage key-board shortcuts in area of this menu item. On a Windows PC, push F11. On a Linux computer system, press F11. On a Mac, press Command+Shift+F.

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To departure Full-Screen mode at any type of time, pick the full-screen icon or use one of the key-board shortcuts a second time.