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Programs supplied to perform the conversion from exe file to dmg format.

It looks choose that the exe to dmg conversion is frequently sought by users that want to transform a Windows installer (normally .exe) to a Mac installer (frequently saved as .dmg or .app), so they have the right to install Windows app on Mac. This is not feasible.

You have to downpack installer for macOS / OS X (if it also exist for your app), as you cannot simply transform it from Windows installer.

Additionally, you have the right to use some digital machine software application and also run Windows app on Mac or vice versa in a virtualized setting, for example Parallels Desktop.

Updated: February 19, 2021

Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive software program record in the database for this convariation.

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An exe file extension is traditionally provided for major executable records since the times of MS-DOS. It was embraced for executables in Windows too. Executables are records that launch programs.

Files with exe file extension have the right to likewise be uncovered as one-of-a-kind self-extracting compush archives. They are basically archives through a tiny executable regimen included so the end-user does not call for any type of software program to decompush it. Can be password defended.


A dmg file expansion is used for default disk photo format in Mac OS X (macOS) that reinserted the older IMG format. It is used a lot favor ISO imeras on Windows platform.

Files with dmg file extension can also be uncovered as binary dumps developed by Oracle programs. Should not be confused through the prevalent Mac OS X (macOS) disk picture that additionally shares the DMG extension.

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