Exception breakpoint has been reached windows 7

once I try to play a game (Ragnarok Online 2 a brand-new mmorpg) at some suggest of starting (selecting character to play and clicking begin game precisly) eincredibly time I try I obtain an error:
I tried to search for some solutions however the majority of of them involve messing via registry etc. so I"m affrassist I might mess smpoint up. I currently obtained plenty of do not recognize why or wbelow from bluescreens since I installed Windows 8.

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My guess is difficulty is somehow pertained to my firewall or maybe gameguard/hackshield application given that assist topics I discovered referred to mostly symantec, bitdefender or gameguard however I don"t have actually a clue.
It"s not a life threating trouble however still it stops my fun so if anyone knows how to resolve that and also would certainly be sort enought to help me I would certainly be a lot of pleased. I posted likewise to the RO2 game community itself however a similiar topic was composed tright here 2 weeks back with no answer up till this particular day so I think if you guys/girls can"t help me then I"ll have to offer up on playing this game ...
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Hi Tarrok,

Thank you for getting to us out on classiccomputers.info Community and offering me an opportunity to aid you. I will certainly overview you concerning the issue you are facing.

1) Are you playing a digital game or is the game set up on the computer?

2) If you are playing a online game, which web internet browser are you using?

It seems Ragnarok Online is compatible to Windows 8.

I suggest you to refer to the attach.


I imply you to percreate clean boot and examine.

To help troubleshoot error messperiods and also other worries, you have the right to begin Windows 8 by making use of a minimal set of chauffeurs and also startup programs. This sort of startup is known as a "clean boot." A clean boot helps remove software program conflicts.

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After performing the troubleshooting actions in clean boot, follow Step3 to start the computer system to Common startup mode.

a) Press the ‘Windows + R’ essential on the keyboard.b) In the ‘Run’ home windows kind ’MSCONFIG’ and also click ‘Ok’.c) On the ‘General’ tab, click the ‘Common Startup’ choice, and also then click ‘OK’.d) When you are motivated to rebegin the computer, click ‘Restart’.

I imply you to update the drivers.

Follow the procedures.

a) Press windows vital + R and type in devmgmt.msc and click enter.

b) Expand ‘game” and right-click on ‘chauffeurs Device and also pick ‘upday drivers’.

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