Excel recent documents not showing

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Problem: I consistently open the very same 20 workbooks. How can I use the Recent Files list to make my life easier?

Strategy: You deserve to present up to 50 recent workbooks. Go to Documents, Options, Modern, Scroll dvery own to Display and also pick Show The Number of Recent Workbooks.


Gotcha: Although you can specify for the Recent Documents list to display up to 50 records, the variety of papers it deserve to actually show is restricted by your accessible display screen room. If you have a 1440x900 monitor, as suggested in "œGo Wide" on web page 4, you will have room for only around 36 documents. Excel will not include a 2nd column nor a scrollbar to the Recent Documents to present more files.

In Excel 2010, the Recent Workpublications additionally shows you Recent Places which is handy as soon as you have to open the next record from the Spending Plan folder. In Excel 2013, you do not get to watch Recent Places till you click on the Computer icon in the facility panel.

Further Details: The grey thumbtacks to the right of each workbook enable you to produce favorites. Click the thumbtack to pin a workbook to the Recent list. Say that you constantly usage 3 workpublications during the audit close. Over the course of a month, you open up numerous files so those 3 papers scroll out of the Recent pane. By pinning them to the list, you will always have actually access to those records in the Recent list.

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Additional Details: The Recent Documents list in Excel 2010 works much better than the Recently Used Documents List in Excel 2003. The old list functioned fine for papers opened up via File, Open, yet it faibrought about note documents that were opened by double-clicking in Windows Explorer. Now, the Recent Documents list will certainly note records that are opened with Windows Explorer or even papers opened via a macro.

Excel"s Documents menu might or could not show you Recent Workpublications. If you don"t have one more workbook open, clicking File will certainly gain you to the Recent pane. If an additional workbook is open up, you will certainly see the Info pane rather. By utilizing the second checkbox in the picture above, you deserve to constantly view 9 current records in the File menu.

Using the choice in the figure over allows you to use Alt+F+3 to open up the 3rd most recent record.

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Gotcha: If you are snooping approximately in records that you have to not be looking at, the Recent Documents list deserve to be problematic. The procedure of the list adjusted since Excel 2003. It offered to be that you might delete file 5 from the list by changing the setting to 4 documents and also then earlier to 9 files. This would certainly clear items 5 via 9 from the list. An "œimprovement" in Excel 2007 is that if you adjust the setting from 50 to 5 and also then ago to 50, Excel will certainly immediately return to mirroring the last 50 items in the list. If you are trying to hide your trail, you have to collection the setting back to 0 documents. This is the only means to delete the file list from the cache.