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I made heavy use of the Inquire/Compare feature in Excel 2013 in my Office 365 sub. This was a COM Addin. It's not easily accessible in the 2016 version also though MS sites say it is. How deserve to I gain this use ago or exactly how execute I go back to the previous version? I checked if the functionality was absorbed right into the main set of commands however I didn't watch anything.

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Here's a web page that describes it, however I don't view it in my Excel 2016 COM add-ins either.


The Microsoft developers discovered an insect and also were sending out an update after I raised a stink on it. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2016-excel/excel-2016-com-add-in-inquire-not-loaded-a-runtime/2826f4ea-00f6-4b31-811c-99d68e09ce1c

In Excel 2013 Inquire was easily accessible just under particular licenses, such as Pro Plus. I respeak to reading that MSFT's Office team was meant to straighten out their convoluted licensing system beginning w/ Office 2016, & IIRC Inquire s/b more extensively accessible.

If Inquire isn't listed under any of the Add-In choices, following point I would examine would certainly be Options > Customize Ribbon, to watch whether the Inquire tab is surprise by default & ssuggest needs to be allowed, as w/ the Developer tab.

I did look tright here and also added a command called Compare and Merge Workbooks but it's permanently greyed out. I loaded in two spreadsheets obviously, if I was going to compare points. I have actually the Pro Plus edition. I copied what I think is the appropriate addin plus what I guess are its dependent files from an additional computer to this one however no dice.


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As an avid fan of the Inquire tab (PROOF) this substantially upsets me because I just upgraded to 2016. I posted over on MSDN, if I hear something back I'll update.