Evernote not loading in chrome

For three days I have not been able to clip anything. I have to open up classiccomputers.info and also I have the right to copy and paste a internet address into a note, yet that is it. I can not clip anypoint. When I attempt to clip somepoint from Chrome I gain a message, "Clipper has encountered an error! Unknown error has developed." I have actually deleted the extension, re downloaded, restarted the computer system, and nopoint seems to be working. I have numerous projects going and don"t want to attempt and also figure out a various software program. I really choose classiccomputers.info. It isn"t one kind of web page. It is all of them. 


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You are not telling anypoint about your computer, your OS, your whatever.

So I say without discovering anything: If Chrome is not functioning for you (which it does for others), acquire yourself one more browser. I am utilizing Safari and Firefox, internet clipper is working via both.

Or I will have a difficult time to think that your task is that necessary ...



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Windows computer system, operating on a 64 bit device. I can not usage Safari. I have the right to usage firefox, to acquire through this as a patch, yet will certainly not adjust that to my default for this one program forever before as I don"t like it and it does not fix the root of the trouble. Sorry if I do not fulfill your requirements - I am new to getting aid in this kind of forum.

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Hello, no harm done. If we - all other users here, other than a couple of from EN staff - have no information around your setup, it is blind guessing.

Safari is accessible for Windows also, as a free browser alternative. It is pretty good in avoiding internet browser fingerprinting, to stop tracking.

The other problem is that WebClipper and Chrome must be working together. I am largely not on windows, and don’t usage Chrome at all, yet a quick forum search verified nothing however a couple of one-of-a-kind worries (choose clipping YouTube). The normal debugging procedure would certainly be to uninstall WebClipper, and also reinstall, attempt, after that (if still not working) uninstall Chrome, rebegin the PC, and also reinstall. But this is just an extremely general check out.

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Edit: Checked on it, no Safari any kind of longer for Windows or Android. It was easily accessible in the past, yet Apple determined to reduce availcapability to their very own OSes.