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PC/MAC BETA TESTING IS OVER! Tbelow will not be Beta sesions in future. Be all set for the game launch 4.04.2014. Pre-order the game now and also receive 5 days early access.

If you are lucky sufficient to be selected for BETA testing you will be among the first to enter the world of Elder Scrolls Online. It is a good honor and also an excellent responsibility, but calls for you execute your best to eventually boost the game. Thiugh ESO experimentation is finimelted thare are many type of various other games you can test, for example you have the right to get involved in Beta Testing of ArchePeriod.

Errors and Bugs

Please, check out before posting 310, 301 and equivalent Error report in comments: * Many of the errors during ESO beta tests are emerging bereason of server problems. Such errors are arising not on your side and can’t be addressed by you. All you require is to wait for the ESO team to settle the trouble. Don’t forget that it’s a stress and anxiety test and also such server actions was predictable. *If the loading bar stops and also you don’t watch progression – attempt to log in later. Somepoint is wrong with the server. It may be locked by developers to deal with somepoint.

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Error: Attempted to create character through invalid race or alliance.It may take place occasionally. I could get rid of it by shutting down the game and also taking a tiny break. It is unknown why this Error might occur.

My account name is everywhere on the screen as soon as I am playing. Is tright here any type of means to solve this?This is not an insect. It’s a unique protection produced by ZeniMax to avoid beta leaks. Tbelow is an NDA and also testers are not allowed to publish screenshots, videos and also various other content from the beta. This protection helps to discover out that was the author of the video or screenswarm and ban him.

Wright here to report bugs?

You have the right to do it ideal in the game by inputting a unique command. If I am not mistaken the command looks favor /bug If it doesn’t job-related you can ask various other players in the game and also they will help you through it.

Useful Beta Guides

How to create beta account and redeem the key

Wbelow to sign up for Beta?

"You deserve to currently officially sign up for The Elder Scrolls Online beta program beginning now.

If selected, you will be among the first civilization to embark upon the newest Elder Scrolls adendeavor, and also aid us beta test The Elder Scrolls Online. Please be mindful that this is just beta sign-ups. Once our initially beta test starts, we’ll make certain everyone knows—watch our main webwebsite, Facebook, Google+, and also Twitter for an announcement around the initially round of invites."

The sign-up procedure is not hard. All you have to carry out is follow the connect over and fill in the sign-up form. You will certainly be asked to write some Personal Information and also explain your gaming suffer. After you click “Complete Beta Application” a confirmation email have to be sent to your inbox. This e-mail is crucial bereason it confirms that your information was successfully received by the ESO team.

Note: The “System Profile” area is for PC/Mac owners just. If you want to get involved in experimentation for consoles – skip this field. Read more here.

Confirmation e-mail

Some human being have faced troubles during the Beta sign-up process, and have actually been left unsure about whether their application was obtained. The simplest method to check your existing condition is to discover the confirmation e-mail.

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Sender: Elder Scrolls Online Beta Signup Subject: The Elder Scrolls Online Beta

If you obtained the confirmation e-mail you"re in good shape. Your data was received and also your name is in the database. All you should perform now is to wait (and also pray) for the invitation.

If you don"t watch the confirmation e-mail in your Inbox please examine your spam folder. If you can not uncover it there than try to search by subject: “The Elder Scrolls Online Beta” or by sender “noreply”. If this does not assist and you still can"t uncover the confirmation e-mail try to sign up as soon as more.

Send your application till the confirmation e-mail arrives. If you"re still having obstacles attempt to use a various e-mail deal with. But Do not sfinish multiple applications if you obtained the confirmation, this will not improve your possibilities of acquiring into the BETA.

Console BETA

As you most likely know, Elder Scrolls Online will certainly additionally be easily accessible for consoles. Thus the question of BETA experimentation for console owners is likewise important. We will certainly now outline the indevelopment about how to authorize up for consingle BETA.

Eextremely consingle owner deserve to take part in ESO BETA trial and error. Tbelow are 2 separate groups of testers: PC/Mac and also Console. It must be noted that the two versions of the game are not linked and also there will be sepaprice servers for these platcreates on release. All you should participate in the console BETA is to complete the sign-up create at the official webwebsite of the game. Ignore “System Profile” area (this area is compelled for PC / Mac owners) and also mention that you are an owner of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in “Extra” field. The PC beta variation of the game will certainly not occupational via consoles, so you will be given a unique variation of the game. Other rules and measures of BETA trial and error for consingle owners are the same.

Elder Scrolls Online will be released for COMPUTER, Mac, PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One. Other platdevelops have the right to not participate in experimentation.

Beta Scam

Now that Beta has started and more and also even more scam offers will certainly show up. If you perform not want to come to be victim review How to protect against BETA key scam?

Note: our website does not sell beta-keys. We just administer indevelopment.


What is the testing period?It is a distinct duration before the release once a minimal group of players have accessibility to the game. They play a lot, and make bug reports if any errors are found. People in this group are the first who will certainly view the real game.

How execute I take part in BETA testing? How do I acquire an Elder Scrolls Online BETA account?You must authorize up first. Here is a link wbelow you have the right to discover the sign-up form: Sign up now! If you are well encouraged and have actually endure you are welcome. Everybody has a possibility to join.

Please, add noreply to your attend to book in order not to miss any information.

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What are the needs for taking part? You should be at least 18 years old. This is the just need. Just authorize up and also fill all required information. Be patient as tright here will certainly be many kind of beta occasions and also developers will certainly decide when to invite you.

How does my hardware impacts the chance to be selected? It"s important to remember that it does not matter what hardware you have actually. In order to appropriately test the game it needs to be tested on different PCs . So do not concern you do not have to upgrade your PC to take component.

How do I uncover out whether I am schosen or not? You will receive an e-mail from noreply There will be many kind of different events and you will obtain e-mails through an alert each time you are schosen for the event. Just understand also that developers are not planning to invite all people in each occasion. They will certainly be choosing participants for eincredibly event according to their demands. For circumstances they may reach a suggest as soon as they must test just how the server handles large amounts of traffic and so would invite most people.

I have successfully signed-up. What are my chances?It"s hard to say as it is as much as the developers demands and might ssuggest come dvery own to luck, but, developers have actually sassist in their main podcast that they will certainly try to involve as many kind of world as possible.

Will tright here be open beta? Yes. It will take location yet after the Closed BETA.

When will the Open BETA start? The game is collection to be released in Spring 2014, so we intend the Open BETA to be sometime at the beginning of next year (approximately numerous months prior to release)

Some words around game developers and also the requirement of a BETA duration.

We realise that tbelow are some fans who are reluctant to trust the team of Zeni-Max Online through the franchise and also are worried around ESO not feeling choose an Elder Scrolls game. What many kind of do not realise is that Zeni-Max Online is a sister of Bethesda (they have actually the same owner), and also, one of their primary points is that they aim to bridge the gap in between elder scrolls and also an MMO, so it have to still feel extremely a lot like an Elder scrolls game. So for all you TES fans out there that problem around how it will certainly come out, remainder assured that the civilization at ZeniMax Online will execute a great project at adapting TES into an MMORPG.

Anymethod the game should be tested by real players, and also if you"re lucky enough to be favored you have a opportunity to be valuable in the development of ESO. You deserve to usage your in-game experience to help make ESO much better. Only actual civilization deserve to help to uncover and identify gameplay problems and also bugs. The gameplay itself isn"t the only problem and there are many locations which require BETA trial and error to confirm they function smoothly. Accounts and also servers additionally call for the majority of attention, in-truth, many of the initially BETA"s a game runs are to check if tright here account creation and also login devices work correctly .

It"s through BETA experimentation, and the feedback that players offer to ZeniMax, which will certainly enhance the use and general gameplay so that on release there aren"t any type of significant bugs (we hope).

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Ok, so I played a coupla hrs of the beta. Wbelow execute I short article my BUGS and also comments about my experience?I had actually a few display freezes when talking to NPCs and had to departure and also relaunch. I found my self running on automatic in most battles vs creatures. It was exceptionally annoying. I never before teamed up via anyone and also do not also know just how to perform it. tright here needs to be an extra complete players overview ASAP. in addition to a keyboard layout of all key functions. I desire to like this… don"t rotate human being off via bad experiences.