Error while opening the virtual machine vmx file is corrupted

I freshly came throughout an issue wherein I had actually to redevelop vmx file. I thought of sharing it with you all hoping that it will help you too.

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VMX file is the major configuration file, which stores settings liked in the New Virtual Machine Wizard or digital machine settings editor.

If you try to power on the digital machine, you will certainly view an error similar to below.


There are a couple of methods recreating vmx file, the simplest way would be to able to acquire it from your backup team or try and also manually create the file.

There is one more method of developing the file that I want to share through you males now.

We will certainly be making use of the vSphere Client to percreate this activity.

If the Virtual Machine is still part of the inventory, make certain that you rerelocate it by appropriate click the VM and also choosing Rerelocate from Inventory.

We percreate this to make certain that tright here are no conflicts as soon as we attempt to develop the vmx file via the exact same VM name.

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Now you need to open up a New Virtual Machine Wizard and also pick the Custom Install alternative.


Next off, you should make certain that the VM name matches exactly to the Virtual Machine brochure name on the datastore that is hosting the lacking or the corrupt vmx file.


If the name mismatches here, then a new Virtual Machine magazine will be developed along with the vmx file and other important virtual machine records.

You would then have to pick the location on the datastore that you desire to save the Virtual Machine. It is best to select the datakeep on which the vmdk papers are located.


You would then need to go via the normal procedure of giving information prefer Hardware variation, Guest OS kind, vCPUs, Netjob-related, SCSI controller type.

Be careful once you reach the Select a Disk alternative. You will have to select the existing disk and also point it to the main vmdk file of the Virtual Machine.

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Once you complete the process of producing a new VM, you would certainly then be able to watch the new vmx file produced in the Virtual Machine brochure.