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Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 9:06 pm
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Dear Friends,While i am tried to connumber ASDM on ,acquiring below stated error.Can any kind of one assist me to settle this issue.===============================================================ciscoasa(config)# copy tftp: diskAddress or name of remote hold <>? filename ? asdm-649-103Destination filename ?Accessing tftp:// reading tftp:// (Documents not found)===============================================================Thanks & Regards Shinu Mathew
Hi,this sounds like that your tftp is misconfigured (pergoals, tftp folder) or the file asdm-649-103 ssuggest does not exist.Thomas
Dear Thomas,Thanks for the reply.Now i am gaining below discussed error.ciscoasa(config)# copy tftp: flash:Address or name of remote organize < >? filename ? asdm-649-103.binDesticountry filename ?Accessing tftp:// TFTP downfill incomplete!%Error reading tftp:// (Unmentioned Error)Thanks & RegardsShinu Mathew
Hello Shinu,I assume tright here are no !!! on the console, right?Do you have currently any type of ACLs applied? Could please write-up the output from "show access-list" (after the copy command) and also your config?Regards,Thomas
Hello Shinu,you might try:tftp-server inside asdm-649-103.bincopy tftp: flashOr rearea inside through external, counts on your config.When the transfer still fail, please write-up your config.Regards,Thomas
Dear Thomas,As you said ,i have actually tried both configuration (Inside and also outside).yet still i am obtaining in the errorAccessing tftp://;int=outside...WARNING: TFTP downpack incomplete!%Error reading tftp://;int=external (Unstated Error)I have actually not connumber any kind of point more .Still discover the attached file for your referral and assist me to sort out this difficulty.Thanks & RegardsShinu Mathew

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Hello Shinu,I thinks it"s a trouble with your tftp server. Can you copy your running-config to the tftpd and back?
ciscoasa# copy running-config tftpSource filename ?Address or name of remote hold <>? filename ? run1
ciscoasa# copy tftp: flash:Address or name of remote organize <>? filename <>? run1Destination filename <>? run1
Please rerelocate the tftp-server outside asdm-649-103.bin statement, it"s not important in your instance.What software application perform you usage as tftp server? What"s your finish topology?Can you ping your tftp host?Regards,Thomas
Hello Thomas,While copying running-config to tftp server ,obtaining listed below mentioned error.ciscoasa# copy startup-config tftp:%% Non-volatile configuration memory invalid or not presentYes,tftp server is reachable from Firewall.ciscoasa# ping escape sequence to abort.Sfinishing 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:!!!!!Success price is 100 percent (5/5), round-expedition min/avg/max = 1/1/1 msPlease uncover the topology diagram.Thanks & RegardsShinu Mathew
Hello Shinu,you have to attempt copy running-config tftp instead of startup-config.Please attempt one more tftp software on your host, some tftpd handles huge files not appropriately.Is assume tright here isn"t a distinct configuration on the switch?Regards,Thomas
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