Error msb6006 mt.exe exited with code 31

I ran into this difficulty this particular day while moving a VS2008 solution to VS2010. The trouble occurred in either of the adhering to scenarios:

Reconstruct SolutionClean followed by Build Solution

If I did a 2nd Build after either of these, the problem did not show up. Using Google, all I really came up through was year-old blogs from Microsoft saying they are unable to recreate the trouble, or that it is resolved in a future release.

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The finest thing I found was here: Mikazo Tech Blog: Solve MT.exe Errors in Visual Studio 2010

In the over short article it said that the problem is pertained to Manifest generation, and also that the solution is to turn off Manifests in settings under Linker-->Manifest. I do not need Manifests for this job, but I still wasn"t satisfied.

I have actually resolved this, and also am ssuggest going to answer my very own question, bereason I haven"t found this certain error (code 31) on StackOvercirculation.

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asked May 21 "13 at 22:43

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Using procedure monitor and also dbgwatch I found msmpeng (Microsoft Security Essentials) was accessing the file, simply as soon as mt.exe wanted to have it solely. Excluding the breakthrough directory addressed the difficulty.It is still a workroughly of course.

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WARNING: This specific error deserve to additionally take place as an outcome of having actually a Windows Explorer home window open up in the folder containing the *.exe which you are currently attempting to construct.

For example: Explorer open up in /.../MyProj/Debug/ while trying to build the Debug version of your code in Visual Studio.

I was angry through myself for ~10min before realizing this.

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answered Feb 1 "15 at 2:48

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In my jobs, the Intermediate and Output directories were collection to:

Intermediate Dir : $(Configuration)Output Dir : $(SolutionDir)bin$(Configuration)

Under C/C++-->Output Files, I had the following:

ASM List Location : $(IntDir)Object File Name : $(IntDir)Program Database Documents Name : $(OutDir)$(TargetName).pdb

Under Linker-->Manifest File, I had:

Manifest Data : $(IntDir)$(TargetName)$(TargetExt).intermediate.manifest

The cure wregarding remove the trailing from my C/C++-->Output Files section (because it"s already part of those variables):

ASM List Location : $(IntDir)Object Documents Name : $(IntDir)Program Database Documents Name : $(OutDir)$(TargetName).pdb

Generally, the double-up of making use of $(IntDir) or $(OutDir) with a trailing doesn"t seem to cause trouble, even though it"s bad practice. I can not remember currently whether I did it by accident or if the convariation process did it, yet for whatever before reason, it seems to have actually been messing up MT.exe.

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I hope this is useful to anyone else who encounters this problem. Your settings may well be various, yet think about that it may be pertained to imcorrectly developed filenames.