Error loading type library/dll

Windows Security enables you to manage quarantined items and exclusions. When doing so if you receive an error saying Windows Defender Antivirus Error loading type library/DLL, Click assist for even more indevelopment around this trouble, Error code 0x80029c4a, then this write-up will show you just how to deal with that error. Because of this error, you will not have the ability to see the list of quarantined and also allowed items.

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Windows Defender Error loading form library/DLL

If you are on the Windows 10 v 1709, you should know that what Microsoft provided to contact Windows Defender is now recognized as Windows Security. The error code appears to be emerging, according to forum individuals, to those that are trying to launch Windows Defender but utilizing an old shortreduced that was for Windows Defender Security Center.Let’s be certain. When you usage the old shortcut, you are launching an older variation which is still supported or obtainable on your computer system.C:Program FilesWindows DefenderMSASCui.exeThis file is not easily accessible anymore in Windows 10 v1903.There are two ways to resolve it:

1> Run MSASCui.exe via admin privileges

Navigate to the C:Program FilesWindows Defender catalog.Right-click the MSASCui.exe and select Run as Administrator.It will certainly launch the Windows Defender Security Center, and you have to have the ability to control your quarantined list. When you upgrade to the brand-new version of Windows, this shortreduced will certainly sheight working.

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2> Use the brand-new Windows Security

Type Windows Security in the StartWhen it appears, drag it to the desktop computer or right-click and include to taskbar.Now when you launch it, it will open up the brand-new interconfront, and also it will job-related effectively without any error.This bug was determined by Microsoft too, and also among the designers left a comment in the Feedback Hub. It said:This error can happen in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) if you are using a shortcut to open Windows Defender, and also that shortreduced was developed while using Windows 10 variation 1703. Windows Defender Antivirus had an updated endure that shipped with Windows 10 Creators Upday (variation 1703), which was designed to be much easier to use and administer an extensive defense experience. However, the old UI from variation 1703 is no longer sustained in variation 1709. To deal with the error, we recommend you delete any type of previous shortcuts you were utilizing launch Windows Defender and also develop a brand-new shortcut within Windows 10 variation 1709.We hope the services functioned for you, and also you were able to usage it aobtain. You have to upgrade your Windows 10 to the latest available version or switch to the brand-new interconfront and get rid of this error.

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