Error downloading sea of thieves

Several Windows 10 individuals are reporting that they’re unable to downfill particular games or applications from Microsoft’s store. The error code that comes up is 0x87E10BD0. In many instances, the error code is preceded by the error message “Somepoint occurred and also your purchase can’t be completed”. In many situations, the error message is encountered a number of secs after the user starts the download of a game or application. As of recognize, the issue seems to be exclusive to Windows 10.

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Microsoft Store Error Code 0x87E10BD0 ‘Something occurred and also your purchase can’t be completed’

What is leading to the Error code 0x87E10BD0?

We investigated this certain problem by investigating various user reports and also the repair methods that are generally being supplied to fix this error code. As it transforms out, tbelow are numerous various potential culprits that have the potential of triggering this error code:

User is not signed in via Microsoft Account – Although the developers don’t make it clear, you should be logged with a Microsoft account in order to have the ability to get involved in a lot of Insider programs accessible on Microsoft Store. In the majority of instances, this is what’s resulting in the 0x87E10BD0 error code. In this case, you should be able to solve the problem by signing via your Microsoft Account.Microsoft Store glitch – As it turns out, this certain problem deserve to likewise be led to by a recurring glitch that triggers this error code via applications or games that have actually a beta variation. If this scenario is applicable, you have to have the ability to circumvent the concern by downloading and install a different application initially.Corrupted or lacking AUInstallAgent – Another potential culprit that can trigger this error is the AUInstallAgent. Several affected customers have actually reported that they controlled to solve the worry by reproducing the AUInstallAgent folder.Corrupted Windows Store Cache – Corruption inside the Windows Store Cache folder deserve to additionally be responsible for this specific error. If this scenario is applicable, you need to be able to solve the problem by cleaning the Windows Store cache totally using the WSRecollection energy.Application conflict – It’s likewise possible that a third party application or organization is conflicting through the downpack that’s triggering the error. In this instance, you need to have the ability to identify and also deal with the conflict by performing a clean boot, forcing Windows to start via the minimal suite of chauffeurs and startup programs.

If you’re presently struggling to resolve the error code 0x87E10BD0, this write-up will provide you through a few potential troubleshooting techniques. Down listed below, you’ll find a arsenal of potential repair techniques that some individuals in a comparable situation have efficiently offered to resolve this error message.

For the ideal results, we advise you to follow the methods in the order that they are presented and discard the actions that aren’t applicable to your particular scenario. One of the potential fixes should end up reresolving the concern regardmuch less of the culprit that’s resulting in it.

Method 1: Sign in with your Microsoft Account

If you’re encountering the problem while trying to downpack Sea of Thieves, possibilities are the error gets triggered because you’re not signed in through your Microsoft account. Several impacted users have actually reported that they regulated to resolve the concern by accessing the Accounts tab and also signing in with their Microsoft account.

This solution is not noticeable since Microsoft doesn’t execute a great task of pointing you towards the culprit. However, if you’re encountering the concern via Sea of Thieves or a different game while trying to downfill it from Microsoft Store, follow the procedures listed below to encertain that you’re signed in with your Microsoft Account.

Here’s what you must carry out to authorize in with your Microsoft Account:

Press Windows vital + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, kind ‘ms-settings:emailandaccounts‘ inside the text box and also push Enter to open up up Email & app accounts tab of the Settings app.
Opening the Email & app accounts of the Settings pageOnce you’re inside the Email & accounts tab, scroll down to the Accounts supplied by other apps area and also click Add a Microsoft account (or Sign in with a Microsoft account instead).
Connecting via a Microsoft accountNext, follow the on-screen instructions to connect through your Microsoft account.
Connecting with a Microsoft account

Note: If you don’t have actually an account, click on the Create one! hyperlink and also finish the procedure by verifying your email.Once you’re linked through your Microsoft account, rebegin your computer and wait until the following startup sequence is complete.Open Microsoft Store again and attempt to downfill the game or application that was previously triggering the 0x87e10bd0.If you’re still encountering this problem even after signing in via your Microsoft account, relocate down to the next approach listed below.

Method 2: Downloading a different application first

Although this is more of a workroughly than an actual resolve, the majority of affected users have reported that they managed to prevent the 0x87e10bd0 error code completely by downloading and install a various application initially and letting it downpack for a couple of seconds before starting the downpack that was previously failing aobtain.

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As weird as this deal with can sound, tright here are dozends of users that have evidenced this procedure as being effective in reresolving the error code. This seems to settle a relatively widespread Sea of Thieves glitch that seems to happen for users that are trying to download the game directly from the Microsoft Store.

Here’s a quick overview on forcing the downfill to complete by downloading and install a various application initially in order to protect against the 0x87e10bd0 error code:

Press Windows crucial + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, type ‘ms-windows-store://home’ and push Enter to open up the Microsoft Store.Once you’re inside the Microsoft store, click the Search feature (top-right) corner and also search for Netflix, Xbox Insider Hub or Deep Rock Galatic – these are 3 applications that impacted individuals have actually efficiently supplied to fool Microsoft Store right into downloading and install the Sea of Thieves game without issues.From the list of search results, click Get / Install and wait until the procedure is complete.Once the installation of the dummy application is finish, use the search attribute again to discover Sea of Thieves Beta and also watch if you deserve to downfill it without encountering the error.
Avoiding the 0x87E10BD0 once downloading Sea of Thieves Beta

If the 0x87e10bd0 error code is still emerging, relocate dvery own to the next method below.

Method 3: Redeveloping the AUInstallAgent

As it transforms out, this specific concern deserve to likewise take place as a result of a corrupted AUInstallAgent folder. Several impacted individuals have actually reported that they were able to settle the problem after taking the action appropriated to reproduce the AUInstallAgent folder – basically forcing home windows to develop a new healthy folder from scratch.

Many Microsoft Store-associated problems are actually resulted in by a corrupted AuInstallAgent. Here’s a quick overview on how to reinstall the AUInstallAgent folder and also resolve the 0x87e10bd0 error code:

Press Windows essential + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, form ‘%windir%’ inside the text box and also push Enter to open up the Windows Folder.Once you’re inside the Windows folder, scroll dvery own with the list of folders and also situate AUInstallAgent. If you don’t control to check out it, right-click an empty space and pick New > Folder from the newly appeared context menu. If you’re triggered by the UAC (User Account Control), click Yes to give administrative privileges. Note: If you control to check out the AUInstallAgent folder, right-click it and also pick Delete from the conmessage menu prior to attempting to produce a new folder.Right click on the new folder, pick Rename from the context food selection and name the folder ‘AUInstallAgent’.Rebegin your computer system and also watch if you’re able to install the app that was previously failing through the 0x87e10bd0 error code.
Reproducing the AUInstallAgent folder

If you’re still encountering the same error message, relocate down to the next strategy listed below.

Method 4: Resetting the Windows Store Cache

As it turns out, this particular problem have the right to likewise take place because of corruption inside the Windows Store Cache folder. If this scenario is applicable to your case, you must be able to fix the worry by cleaning the Windows Store Cache completely utilizing the WSReset utility.

Several affected customers have reported that this procedure ultimately enabled them to install the game/application without encountering the 0x87e10bd0 error code. Here’s a quick guide on doing a Windows Store Cache reset:

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, type ‘wsrecollection.exe’ inside the text box and also press Enter to run the cache cleaning utility.
Running the WSRecollection.exe energy from a Run dialog boxWait till the CMD home window is closed and also your save opens. Then, restart your computer and see if the worry has actually been readdressed as soon as the following startup sequence is complete.

If you’re still encountering the 0x87e10bd0 error code, relocate down to the following technique listed below.

Method 5: Perdeveloping a Clean Boot

It’s also possible that you’re encountering the 0x87e10bd0 error code due to some type of application or company problem. To get rid of the opportunity, you can pressure Windows to boot with the minimal collection of drivers and also startup programs. This type of startup (clean boot), will certainly allow you to determine and eliminate software conflicts that can be responsible for this particular worry.

Here are the measures of percreating a Clean Boot on Windows 10:

Ensure that you’re signed it via a Windows account that holds administrative privileges.Press Windows crucial + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, type “msconfig” and hit Enter to pop open up the System Configuration home window.
Running MSCONFIG from a Run dialog prompt

Note: If you’re prompted by the User Account Control (UAC), accept the prompt by clicking Yes in order to give bureaucratic privileges.When you’re inside the System Configuration home window, click on the Services tab and inspect package linked via Hide all Microsoft Services. This will encertain that you’re not disabling any critical services essential by the operating mechanism.Next off, disable all staying services at as soon as by clicking the Disable all switch. This will prevent any type of 3rd party services and also other non-important integrated services from bring about an app conflict that might lead to the 0x87e10bd0 error.

Disabling all Windows servicesOnce all services have been disabled, click on Apply changes, then go to the Startup tab and also click on Open Task Manager.

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Opening the Task Manager through System ConfigurationOnce you manage to make you’re way to the Status tab of Task Manager, start selecting each service individually and also click Disable to prevent it from running at the next startup.Disabling Apps from StartupOnce all 3rrd party services have actually been disabled, close the Task Manager window and also restart your computer system to accomplish a Clean Boot mode.When the next startup sequence is complete open up the Microsoft Store and check out if you’re able to downpack the application or game that was formerly failing. If it’s not, you have the right to recognize the conflicting application or company by systematically re-enabling all items that were previously disabled couple through regular reboots to check out which one is leading to the error code.