Error connect class not registered


Failed link errors deserve to happen once using the Import Wizard in 9.3 to import Excel papers on Windows X64 devices. The following errors additionally occur in the log:

Here is a display of the errors:


The problem deserve to have a couple of reasons.

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Causage 1: Is 64-little bit and Microsoft Office Is 32-bit

The many common cause of this difficulty ishaving actually 64-little via the 32-little Microsoft Office software suite. The Microsoft Excel Workbookselection in the Import Wizard is for a 64-little bit Microsoft Office. Look at the optimal of the log to check which version you have. If the log shows that it is executing on an X64 platdevelop, then you have actually 64-little To inspect the bitness of Excel, follow the instructions listed below.

For Office 2013, complete these steps:

Open a brand-new workbook.ClickFile and then Account.Clickthe About Excelbox in the facility of the home window.The bitness of Excel is located in the topof the window (32-bit or 64-bit).

For Office 2010, complete these steps:

Open a brand-new worksheet.ClickFile and then Help.About Exceland also its bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) is shown.

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If Office is 64-bit, you have the right to skip to Causage 2: Missing Microsoft Materials or the Microsoft Materials Faibrought about Register in the Windows Registry.

If is 64-bit and also Office is 32-little, choose Microsoft Excel Workbook on PC Files Server in the Import Wizard as shown in this display:


If the PC Files Server is not set up, you see this error pop-up message when importing or exporting your files:


If you check out this message, then you have to verify thatthe PC Documents Server is set up by choosing Start ► All Programs ► ► COMPUTER Files Server.

If it is not mounted, check out the following Notes for more information:

If the COMPUTER Files Server is mounted and also you still check out this message, contact Technical for more help

Cause 2: Missing Microsoft Components or the Microsoft Materials Failed to Register in the Windows Registry

This trouble deserve to also take place as soon as the Microsoft components that the drivers need are not mounted. If this is the source of the problem, you have the right to install the motorists from the Microsoft website at these locations:

Note: If you have 32-little bit Microsoft Office, download the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe. If you have actually 64-little bit Microsoft Office. downfill the AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe.

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If you are still encountering errors, call Technical for more help.