Error code 9001-1663

Many Nintencarry out Switch customers are seeing the Error Code 9001-0026 when attempting to purchase or redeem a downfill code for a game or other type of content. Tright here are some cases wbelow this error occurs when customers attempt to extfinish their Nintenperform Switch Online membership.

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Nintendo Switch Error Code 9001-0026

As it turns out, this particular error code is signaling that the Nintenperform account you are signed in through is not able to access the Nintenperform eShop from a Nintenperform Switch console.

Anvarious other instance that can create the 9001-0026 error is an instance wright here you attempt to make the purchase through a credit card of a various money than the one associated with your region. In this instance, you deserve to resolve the problem by making use of a credit card or delittle card compatible via your area.

In a lot of instances, this error code occurs because Nintendo Switch titles, content, and also online memberships can only be purchases or reconsidered from the official Nintenperform webwebsite or by making use of a valid Nintenexecute Account attached through a Nintenexecute Switch consingle.

It’s likewise possible that a server worry that is currently recurring might contribute to the apparition of this error code. In this instance, you have no other mitigation techniques various other than to identify the server trouble and wait for Nintenexecute to solve the trouble.

However before, some individuals have reported that in their case, this difficulty was tied to an account concern that deserve to only be resolved by Nintenperform. In this situation, you’ll need to open up a support ticket with them and also ask for assistance.

Method 1: Investigating a Server Issue

Before we move down to any various other potential fixes, you should start this troubleshooting session by checking if Nintenperform is currently handling a server difficulty. This is incredibly most likely if your Nintendo Account is already connected to your console.

This 9001-0026 error code has happened in the past for many users at when once Nintencarry out was busy mitigating an unmeant server outage duration or once the servers were undergoing a maintenance period.

With this in mind, start by verifying the condition of the Nintencarry out servers. Once you arrive on the condition web page, pick the area where you are presently trying to accessibility the netjob-related attributes from and watch if you uncover any type of evidence of a server issue.

Selecting the correct region

Once you obtain to the next display, inspect the standing under Online Service Status. If all servers are operating under the normal parameters, go ahead and scroll down to the Maintenance Information area and check out if any type of official announcements are up.

Checking the status of Nintenperform servers

In instance this investigation hasn’t revealed any underlying server problems, move dvery own to the following method listed below to discover a few repair methods.

Method 2: Linking your Nintenexecute Account to Nintencarry out Switch

According to the majority of impacted individuals, this trouble have the right to be resolved by linking your Nintencarry out Account to the Nintenexecute Switch consingle that you’re utilizing. After you carry out this, you will have to access the Nintencarry out eShop at least one time before you’ll be able to purchase games and an additional kind of content straight from without encountering the 9001-0026 error code.

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If this scenario is applicable and also you are attempting to usage a Nintendo Account that is not yet tied to your Nintenexecute Switch consingle, begin complying with the instructions below:

Once you have actually a effectively produced account, usage the Home food selection of your Switch consingle to accessibility the System Settings menu.Next, if your account is not yet connected, you have to check out a prompt asking you to connect your Nintendo account. Do so by accessing the Link a Nintenperform Account button.
Linking the Nintenperform Account menuAt the next display, pick Link to ultimately link your Nintenperform Account to the user account on the console.After you successfully perform this, you will get a confirmation message informing you that the Nintenexecute account is attached with the user account. Press Ok to go back to the device settings.Now that the account is attached, reboot your Nintencarry out Switch console and also repeat the activity that was formerly triggering the 9001-0026 error code and check out if the worry has actually been reresolved.

In instance the very same error code is still emerging when you’re trying to make a purchase or redeem content from the Nintencarry out eShop, move dvery own to the next potential fix listed below.

Method 3: Encertain Crmodify Card is of the exact same Currency as the Region

As it transforms out, the error code 9001-0026 can likewise happen if you’re attempting to use a card with a money various than the area you’re using your Nintenexecute Switch consingle from.

For instance, if you’re trying to make a purchase from the US through a credit card of a various currency, you have the right to intend to see this specific error code. The exact same goes for the Eurozone (although you have the right to use Euro credit card even if you’re in a country that has a neighborhood currency).

Typically, you deserve to stop these worries by ensuring that your credit card is registered in the same country wbelow you’re trying to make the purchase.

Nintenperform states both credit cards and also delittle bit cards are supported however try to use a credit card if feasible.

If the same difficulty is still emerging, relocate dvery own to the next potential deal with listed below.

Method 4: Contacting Nintendo support

If none of the potential fixes above have worked for you, the only point you can do by now is to gain in call through Nintendo’s support. It’s possible that you’re managing an account inconsistency that is beyond your manage.

You have the right to look for assistance by contacting Nintencarry out Support on their official web page.

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But unless you are still safeguarded by a valid warranty, you have the right to suppose to pay for the support you’re about to get.

However, prior to you attempt to establish contact, ensure that you carry out some preparations to make the procedure as quick as feasible considering that you will be asked some questions. The live agent will certainly most likely ask you for the adhering to information, so make certain you know just how to answer:

Name of the game or content that is triggering this error codeThe serial variety of your Nintenexecute Switch console. To discover the serial number, go to Home > System Settings and also select Serial numbers (under System).Name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP)