Error code 006-1204

I just recently bought a 3DS (many assumed AND money went into this purchase, im bad lol) yet i cannot play anything virtual via wifi..... I obtain the error code "006-0612" once i"m trying to affix to a game/exreadjust indevelopment in between me and also another player. I have actually check out miscellaneous forums where civilization have actually had actually the same worry and also i have actually done every "fix" for this that"s provided. Port-forwarded, readjusted to wep defense and also all settings are correct. Still i continue to gain this error. I have also manually input a public DNS (googles) which is Nintendo"s very own deal with for this, doesn"t occupational.

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My router brand is Thomchild, precise name of my router is (Thomchild TG789vn). Please.... deserve to somebody assist me? I bought numerous game"s (Street fighter 4, Heroes of Ruin) solely for multiplayer and now they are useless to me.

Thanks in advancement, Benjamin.

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Thu 13th Feb 2014

Nobody that has actually had this error aswell? It"s shocking to have actually bought a console that doesnt work through eincredibly rexternal that"s released in 2011... jesus.

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Thu 13th Feb 2014

I have review miscellaneous forums wbelow world have had actually the same concern and also i have done eextremely "fix" for this that"s listed. Port-forwarded, changed to wep protection and also all settings are correct. Still i continue to acquire this error. I have additionally manually input a public DNS (googles) which is Nintendo"s own settle for this, does not work

You"re not really leaving us any type of venues to attempt. Sounds favor you"ll need to sfinish it to Nintencarry out themselves.

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Thu 13th Feb 2014

If you can connect to the eShop then something is really wrong, and you"ll have to call Nintencarry out up for aid on the issue, perhaps sfinish it into them for repairs. If you simply bought it, and also the warranty is still good, perform that.

The facet of the wifi for the 3DS/DS household that"s really annoying is that it hregarding be setup simply appropriate. Though the selection of setups that job-related has enhanced, tright here are still some that do not. Also, some games have their own servers, which can break dvery own even if Nintendo"s server is functioning. So yeah, what
Veloster said, you haven"t given much information to help anyone here help you.

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Fri 14th Feb 2014

Port forwarded...?Well, I understand that port forwarding has nopoint to execute via obtaining a connection on the 3DS. Do you have a various tool linked to it through Static IP? Try altering the IP to somepoint else. Also, attempt "whitelisting" your 3DS" MAC attend to in Rexternal Settings. If you really can"t acquire it to job-related, reset your router to factory settings, or try getting something like Linksys. I have actually 2, one is a Chinese brand also (Huawei) and it functions pretty well.

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