Error applying security access is denied

I have a catalog, c:MySite2, that sometimes is used as the area for an IIS Internet application, although presently IIS is configured to allude the application to a different magazine (different variation of the website). At any rate, my website"s application pool is runs under the Netoccupational Service account, and also so I tried including that account to the directory c:MySite2.

I right-clicked on the C:MySite2 folder in Windows Explorer, decided properties, and also tried to offer Netjob-related Service full regulate. When I execute this I"m acquiring errors like:

Error Applying SecurityC:MySite2MyPage.aspxAccess is denied.and

Error Applying SecurityC:MySite2SomeXML.xmlAccess is denied.Etc. My domain account is an administrator on the machine and also like I said the IIS web application is presently not also pointing to C:MySite2. Any principle why I"m obtaining these messages and what I can carry out about them?


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windows-7 iis
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asked Jun 25 "14 at 19:33

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