Error a redistributable package (directx) was not installed

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Apex Legends DirectX error can proccasion you from founding the game, and also in today’s post, we’ll show you exactly how to resolve this difficulty as soon as and for all.

The game has actually been out for a while now, and also EA’s new fight royale game has become a little phenomenon in its own appropriate through 50 million players in its initially month. That’s somepoint to create house about.
Have you been the jumpunderstand for 5 times in a row, and you’ve unlocked a new achievement? Or have you reached level 50, and now you’re The player? With thousands of players logged into EA’s servers, errors are bound to occur once in a while.

With users encountering DirectX errors recently, this worry ended up being the focal suggest on Reddit threads.

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Hey males, I’ve tried installing Apex Legends favor 4 times now and each time it’s obtained to the 39% mark ‘Playable Now’ an error pops up saying “Error: A redistributable package (DirectX) was not installed efficiently. Setup cannot proceed. (4294967287).”

I’ve tried installing the DirectX manually from the Apex folder as admin and without firewall and also its done nopoint. Anyone else having this problem or understand a fix? If I click OK the downfill just freezes at 0bytes/second and also I’m required to manual delete the game folder and also re-sign right into origin.

How have the right to I fix Apex Legends DirectX error?

1. Directx .cab file removal

There are workarounds to problems that have been impacting the player base. On this note, we’re gonna team up and also be your squad-mates. So let’s acquire to resolving, so you deserve to continue to be on track to being legendary.

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If you’re having Apex Legends DirectX error, perhaps you have the right to resolve the difficulty by installing the latest patches. To execute that, follow these steps:

Downpack this Patch Upday.Install it to your folder game.Login right into your game.

3. Turn off your firewall