Error 1314 a required privilege is not held by the client


Error 1314 - "A compelled privilege is not organized by the client" may be encountered as soon as an effort is made to start a service on Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8.1 or Windows server 2008 or 2012. This record describes the cause of the error and consists of directions for setting up user accounts so that the error is not created.

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Error 1314 - A forced privilege is not hosted by the client might be encountered in Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8.1 or Windows server 2008 or 2012 once beginning the i Access for Windows Remote Command also Service. This error is frequently encountered when the business has actually been configured to log on as a specific account quite than the mechanism account. To start appropriately as a certain account, that account should host the complying with rights:
oAct as component of the operating system
oIncrease quotas (not forced for Windows XP clients)
oLog on as a company (view note)
oReplace process level token
All other civil liberties are hosted by any type of account that was component of the default Users
team. An account that is part of the Administrator"s group, by default, has all of the legal rights over other than the Log on as a service appropriate. The User Manager tool deserve to be supplied to grant the account these legal rights so the account deserve to be offered. To include these civil liberties for Windows computers that are not part of a doprimary, execute one of the following: o Open a Windows "Run" prompt and run secpol.msc o Go to the Windows toolbar and also click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy. Next off, expand also Local Policies and choose User Rights Assignment, then take the following steps for each appropriate that must be added (using "Log on as a Service" as an example):
1Locate Log on as a Service and double-left-click it to open up the Log on as a business Properties window.
2Click on the Add User or Group button.
3Click on the Object Types switch.
4On the Object Types home window, choose Users. Depick any type of various other option. Click on the OK button.
5On the Select Users or Groups home window, click on the Advanced switch.

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6On the resulting home window, click the Find Now switch. This will certainly return a list of PC individuals.
7Select the user that you want to provide the right to, and click the OK button.
8On the next window, click the OK switch.
9You should be back on the Log on as a service Properties window and displaying the Local Security Setting tab.
10The user that was provided the Log on as a service right should be shown as COMPUTER_NAMEUser_Name.
11Click on the Apply button and then the OK button.
12This takes you back to the Local Security Settings window.

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13Repeat the steps for Act as component of the operating system and also Rearea procedure level token.
To include these legal rights for computer systems that are component of a Domain: The policy that is being enforced on the computer must be edited. Once the plan is edited, the server need to be rebegan for the transforms to take result. Refer to the "NOTE" in Microsoft Post 272587 or call your doprimary administrator or Microsoft for added assistance. Note: The Local System Account should (by default) have actually every one of the forced rights. If it does not, it can be provided civil liberties in the very same manner that they are given to user accounts. To perform so, follow the procedures over. Select SYSTEM from the Select Users or Groups display as displayed below:

Note: These measures are used to provide Microsoft Windows individuals the crucial rights to begin a company. i Global Support Center does not provide assistance for setting Microsoft Security. These steps are provided as a courtesy just. If extra assistance is compelled, contact Microsoft Support.

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