Error 000210 cannot create output

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This error is regularly encountered, with the operating mechanism, ArcGIS version, Oracle variation does not have any connection, the just trouble is that the user's data.

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The error of Esri to Error 000210 is described as follows:

Output cannot be produced. Potential reasons encompass data locking an incorrect route and also limited access civil liberties. The.

Confirm that the information is not locked by one more user or application and also that you have full civil liberties to the workarea being provided. Check to make certain that the course to the data is correct (inspect for typos in the folder path). Try producing the output in a brand-new location.

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That is to say, 000210 of the error resulted in by

1: data is locked

2: whether there is the ideal to operate

3: the pertinent course is correct

But the difficulties are regularly not over factors, under normal situations is the difficulty of user data, in reality, the over procedure is using the import tool, users have the right to also usage copy / paste (error indevelopment might vary)

The adhering to is a comparichild of the typical error data:

The data deserve to be stored in ShapeFile or Geodatabase file, the crucial thing we look at the information of the area Field (Name)


The area name over is GDP_1994,

Note, the above "(" this is Chinese full width of brackets, ArcGIS FGDB suddenly can be stored in both Chinese and English of the full width of "(" deserve to also keep Chinese half "(", but cannot be stored in English angle "(" that very perplexed.

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This information is other information format convariation into ArcGIS format and also may name field is relatively long, reduced off just to a "(" (the name of the ShapeData field is 10 bytes), so will the FGDB the data right into the to ArcSDE will report

MessagesExecuting: FeatureClassToFeatureClass D:dataChinaData2011UC.gdbss "database Connections192.168.100.111_test.sde Connections192.168.100.111_test.sde" SSS # shape length form length "false true true 8 double 0. First, #, D:dataChinaData2011UC.gdbss, shape, size, - 1, - 1; form area" form location "false true true 8 double 0. First, #, D:dataChinaData2011UC.gdbss, shape location, - 1, - 1; s" -- s -- "true true false 50 message 0 0, first, #, D:dataChinaData2011UC.gdbss, s -, - 1, - 1" #Time: Tue Oct Start 15 17:03:32 2013000210: Cannot produce output Database ERROR Connections192.168.100.111_test.sdesssTo execute Failed (FeatureClassToFeatureClass).At Tue Oct Failed 15 17:03:32 2013 (Time: Elapsed 0.18 seconds)

So after a comparable error, as much as feasible to inspect your information. The above is just one of the cases.

In enhancement, if the Oracle database deserve to also emphasis on the concern of table area capacity!

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