Easeus not enough unallocated space

So I'm trying to clone my old HDD to a new Hybrid HDD. I've transferred the data, now all I should do is clone the OS so I can fully rearea my C drive with the D drive.

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https://i.imgur.com/6EVKGWA.png here's the message

https://i.imgur.com/JEpFFdp.png this is what my disk manager looks like

What exactly need to I perform to fix this issue?


The photo sure looks choose it's cloned currently. Try deleting every little thing and also redoing the cloning. It have to just be a one step process, you clone the drive, and whatever comes with it, not clone it and also then go back and also clone it aobtain with simply the OS.

Edit: Did you attempt booting from the cloned drive yet?


Some clone tools as a security precaution will certainly not write to a drive partition that has actually information on it (ie allocated presented in blue). It will certainly then only create to unalsituated component (shown in black in the Disk Management tool), but you just have a small 577MB unallocated partition on both drives.

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Also once cloning a solitary drive to a brand-new single drive let the cloning tool clone the whole drive rather of cloning only part of the drive.

edit: So the solution is to delete the partition on the new drive wright here the OS is to be set up so that its now unalsituated (black), then tell EASEUS to clone only the mechanism or OS partition. Then after that, make certain the new D: drive is noted as energetic by right clicking it and noting as active.

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Then for trial and error to view if whatever is ok, switch off your COMPUTER and also fully fully dislinked the old drive and also view if the new drive boots up effectively.

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