Dual monitors icons keep moving

Have you been newly suffering that your desktop computer icons relocate to your second display screen – such as after rebooting your pc, unplugging your second display or similar?

I uncovered a solution to resolve this ridiculous function of Windows 10. I did numerous research and namong the suggested services worked for me. So I figured it out myself. I have actually listed all the options that worked for other customers, you can give them a try.

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Approach 1: Delete IconCache Files?

This didn’t work for me, but might job-related for some.

One of the said services have the right to be discovered on GroovyPost. It was suggested that I delete the IconCache-Files under the folder AppDocuments. You deserve to discover the AppFile folder by opening Explorer (Windows+E) and keying in %userprofile% prefer this:


And then click AppDocuments through your right mouse switch, click “search” and search for “IconCache” (if you can’t uncover a “search” under your food selection, deal with this difficulty first: Search Button disappeared). This solution doesn’t work-related for me – either the IconCache can’t be deleted or it simply comes back once the mechanism reboots. It seems to be solution prior to Windows 10 updated and also integrated this attribute in their core operating system.

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Approach 2: Turn of Auto Arrange?

Lots of other “exactly how to store desktop icons from moving” options recommend to turn of the “Auto Arrange”. Even this wasn’t the solution for me neither, it appears that some civilization surprisingly had actually success with this. All you have to perform is to position your cursor on a complimentary room on your desktop, click appropriate mouse switch and also then uninspect “Auto rearselection icons”:

In my case, auto ararray was turned off anymethods, so that recommendation went down the sewer. But it can work-related for you, so that’s why I’m mentioning it. But it appears it’s not a solution for any type of of the difficulties human being have at the minute considering that Windows 10 performed some ridiculous updays.

Approach 3: Delete Regisattempt Keys?

For a minute there I assumed this is it! Regisattempt services normally work-related ideal, but not in my situation. But it’s worth a try for you to speak Windows from re-placing your desktop icons. It argues that you delete these two registry entries “NoOfOldWorkAreas” and also “OldWorkAreaRects”. Well, I did and nopoint happened. It seems this solution is even more than 15 years old and also was more than likely functioning for Windows 98?


Final Approach: Move an Icon!

Sick of all these services that don’t work? Embrace yourself for the one and just solution that worked for me.

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First, relocate your icons ago to to your primary desktop where you want to have them. But leave one symbol behind.

In my situation I left an symbol and have it the name “Windows 10 sucks”. So if anybody asks me what this icon is all about, I would tell them – that’s the only means to save my icons on my first desktop screen. And why is that? Because…

Windows 10 sucks!

I hope that solution works for you. Please be so sort and leave a comment, if you prefer it – or if you uncover one more solution please let me know!

One various other solution would be to convince the U.S. congress to induct a law to make it legal to torture Microsoft developers. I don’t think anybody would certainly object, not even huguy legal rights organizations. If you like that idea, please leave a talk about the bottom of this page. Thanks!