Driver_power_state_failure ntkrnlpa exe

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Hello,I have actually a repetitive BSOD on our system. I have actually tried doing searches and also troubleshooting on my own and have been unable to find a solution. I have adhered to the BSOD posting instructions.Thanks in advance for your help· OS - Vista· x86 (32-bit)· What was original set up OS on system? Same· Is the OS an OEM variation (came pre-installed on system) or complete retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? OEM· Period of mechanism (hardware) - 3 years· Era of OS installation - have actually you re-mounted the OS? 3 years· CPU - Athlon 3800 X2· Video Card - NVidia GForce 6100· MotherBoard - Stock Acer· Power Supply - brand also & wattage - Stock Acer· System Manufacturer - Acer· Exact model number (if lappeak, examine label on bottom) - Acer T180B
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Thanks very much for your help! Sadly, I checked and also I"m running the latest variation of that driver. Do you have actually any other suggestions? Is tright here any debugging information you would certainly imply sfinishing to the M-Audio assistance team?Thanks again

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Hi - Your zip attachment has actually 21 BSOD dump files dating earlier to September 2010. 20 of the 21 BSODs name M-Audio as the probable reason.The staying one from 4 July 2011 names Avast. Remove Asubstantial for now - upon completion. Install MSE - was mounted on 14 August 2010, about one month before the BSODs began -
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall9CEB8FDB-3F03-4B5F-A14C-33F8924CEE7E AuthorizedCDFPresettle REG_SZ Comments REG_SZ Contact REG_SZ DisplayVersion REG_SZ 5.0.1 HelpLink REG_EXPAND_SZ HelpTelephone REG_SZ 1-626-633-9066 InstallDate REG_SZ 20100814 InstallLocation REG_SZ InstallSource REG_SZ C:UsersPIANOS~1AppDataLocalTempd42b59fc-94f4-4136-b4cb-604b699696ae ModifyPath REG_EXPAND_SZ MsiExec.exe /X9CEB8FDB-3F03-4B5F-A14C-33F8924CEE7E NoModify REG_DWORD 0x1 Publisher REG_SZ M-Audio Readme REG_SZ Size REG_SZ EstimatedSize REG_DWORD 0x7b0 UninstallString REG_EXPAND_SZ MsiExec.exe /X9CEB8FDB-3F03-4B5F-A14C-33F8924CEE7E URLInfoAbout REG_SZ URLUpdateInfo REG_SZ VersionMajor REG_DWORD 0x5 VersionMinor REG_DWORD 0x0 WindowsInstaller REG_DWORD 0x1 Version REG_DWORD 0x5000001 Language REG_DWORD 0x409 DisplayName REG_SZ M-Audio USB MIDI Series Driver 5.0.1 (x86)
Do you have actually any other suggestions? Is tright here any kind of debugging information you would certainly imply sfinishing to the M-Audio support team?
At this time, it shows up to me that M-Audio driver developers must get their act together. However before, before I pass judgement prefer that, view if the Driver Verifier picks up anypoint - with M-Audio or another third party driver (perhaps an additional 3rd party driver is conflicting via M-Audio). If so, Driver Verifier might be able to assist discover the rogue driver -

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M-Audio Support - for debugging details for M-Audio, they would certainly be the ones to ask you for certain information that their driver developers would find helpful. The dbug logs from the 21 BSODs is in the HTML file below.Windbg Logs--> . .jcgriff2`BSOD SUMMARY