Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal usbehci sys

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Hi!We have actually arisen USB cameras that run 24/7 utilizing ADI (Analog Device"s) Bulk driver (finish suggest 5).They work well and also interact fine - functioning for days on end - till we periodically gain the BSODwith the counter of 0x3D6E in usbehci.sys.XP - SP3.Image of dump attached.Any ideas???Thanks,Mechi

Hi Mechi, :wave:and also welinvolved TSF.Please open Windows explorer and also navigate to C:/windows/minidumpZip the minidump papers in their original .dmp format and write-up earlier below as an attachment.Tbelow are civilization below who are incredibly great at analysing such papers. Someone will certainly be alengthy to help you quickly.

I do not have anypoint in the MiniDump catalog - or i would certainly have sent it.Please - exactly how perform I ensure they will certainly be dumped?
hi!I established exactly how in the System Properties Modern tab - Startup and also Recoextremely to collection Writing Debug details to Minidump.And... a BSOD appeared!!!Please discover attached the mini dump and the message that showed up when I rebegan the computer system.Thanks for any kind of help!Mechi

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And it happened aget - on another computer!!!Please check out attached minidump.Please HELP!!!It constantly happens at the same counter - 0x3D6E in usbehci.sys - so what is there? Can you tell me what code is accessed? How can this be prevented??We"re sfinishing out cameras to customers everywhere - I desire to prevent this difficulty from happening to them. The cameras are developed and also intended to occupational in equipments 24/7 - we can"t have BSODs destroying the system!!!Thanks!Mechi
and also again...The MiniDump02 - is the same situation as Minidump01 - that i sent prior to.miniDump04 - occurred as I turned the computer earlier on - not really linked to problem, however deserve to probably melted some light??PLEASE HELP!!!Thanks,Mechi

Hi,Click start, run and form devmgmt.msc and also under universal serial bus controllers uninstall all usb devices. Then reboot and windows will certainly reinstall all the motorists.Let me understand how it goes.

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hi!I did what you suggested.Today, though, I had a couple of BSoD screens - one after the other. Each time I turned on the COMPUTER after the BSod, logged in and the desktop computer was presented, I gained an additional BSod. I unplugged all USB devices, and also i adjusted the USB ports for the keyboard and mouse. Then, I turned on the computer and also no BSoD.Hence - I"m creating you through the brand-new dump documents.I was running my electronic camera - it was outputting at about 250Mb/s.The first BSoD (#1) occurred once I tried to open up an Excel file.I didn"t unplug the camera, and as soon as I turned on the COMPUTER - the second BSoD (#2) emerged. So...I took out the cam, the HPUSB_ICE and also turned on the COMPUTER aget. Another BSod!!! (#3) I adjusted the ports for the keyboard and also mouse, turned on the computer - and seems to be fine.Please uncover attached the initially minidump - others in next postIs anyone trying to help me?Thanks!Mechi