Download snapchat for nokia lumia

These past few weeks have actually been difficult for ‘Snapchatters’ on Windows Phone that have actually been handling banned accounts and top Snapchat options being rerelocated from the store. Luckily Reddit user immewnity has uncovered a means for users to continue sfinishing and also receiving breaks on their phones.

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Swapchat has been approximately on Windows Phone for quite a while but lacks in some significant functions like My Story. For the time being, this seems to be the best option for WP customers. Before I present you how to acquire it (because it was rerelocated from the store through the other Snapchat clients), allows easily cover some troubles that might aincrease. If your account has been banned, you will must produce a new account and re-add friends. Because this is still a third-party application, you remain fragile to being banned if you usage this.

To get Swapchat on your phone, follow the steps below:

1. Developer Unlock your phone – For more information in doing so, examine out Microsoft’s page below.

2. Downfill Visual Studio (via Windows Phone SDK) – Click here to downpack Visual Studio. Windows Phone SDK can be downloaded within Visual Studio installation.

3. Downpack the Swapchat XAP file – Click here to downfill from OneDrive.

4. Use Application Deployment to deploy Swapchat to your phone – Click right here to learn exactly how to deploy.

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Another quick warning, this application is not as smooth as 6Snap, which the majority of of us are offered to by this allude. But aget, based on the current Snapchat instance on Windows Phone, this will certainly have to perform until hopetotally an main Snapchat (?).

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Upday March 2016:

Swapchat no much longer works, however as of March 2016 the only currently working Snapchat app on Windows Phone is Specter.


Very standard Snapchat client Specter has actually been gaining recurring updates considering that its at an early stage beta launch earlier this year. It deserve to present send video messeras and photos and also message messeras.

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The app lets you:

login via your existing accountsend photo and also video messagesobtain message, image and video messagesnote messperiods as perceived, screenshot or replayed

For those who don’t mind spfinishing £1.19 for using Snapchat for 1-1 chats its not also negative, but there is always the risk prefer the various other apps this one will certainly additionally ultimately obtain banned.