Double click opens properties windows 10

I double click "my computer" and it opens the residential property screen.Assistance, not sure what led to this, yet just how execute I rerotate it to normal settings?I feel prefer a fool for somehow triggering this and being unable to uncarry out it..

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Your left click works fine otherwise? I"m reasoning it can be that you swapped the left and also appropriate buttons? Although double clicking the best switch doesnt open up properties...A temp workaround would certainly be to use the much faster shortcut: Windows essential + the letter "E" to open up up Windows Explorer. I never really liked the My Computer or My Documents symbols...

Is is possible that your Alt vital is stuck? Double-clicking "My Computer" while holding Alt does specifically what you are experiencing...

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hows this for a twist it just does this on my desktop icons.If I appropriate click my computer and open, every little thing shows up and a twin click on a drive opens the drive, if I check out to the desktop folder and double left on a paper it opens up. But simply on the desktop computer, a dual left opens up the properties of the file or computer, and also a ideal acts the same means.I simply rebooted last night and also provided up. All my search has not turned anything up, I have actually never viewed anything prefer this, and have the right to not honestly remember doing any messing around or changing settings, a lot much less something that would certainly just impact the desktop computer (literly)

I came across somepoint similar back as soon as I was making use of Win2K I believe (it hasn"t occurred in a lengthy time) anymethod the mouse butlots would certainly be reversed kind of. The left button would bring up the properties of anything and it would certainly bring up the conmessage food selection as soon as clicking the desktop computer etc.My memory is extremely foggy on just how I addressed this also though it happened even more than once all I deserve to remember is quickly hitting both mouse butloads in assorted sequences and that stopped it -- View image here: --Try also pulling the mouse USB cable (if it has actually one) from its socket while Windows is running and view what happens when you put it back in.

Yeah a reboot has resolved it. It was extremely perplexing, not simply the trouble, however why it just effected the desktop computer and also not the folders or even the desktop folder.One even more for the books....

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