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Technical Support

Urgent and also time-crucial concerns, Call 4-HELP (818-354-4357) Non-immediate assistance via a product or service Tech Cafe

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The Hub (111-104). Support technicians are obtainable from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (RDO Fridays excluded) for your on-website IT triage and also classiccomputers.infoectory needs.

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If someone else has actually logged into your device, residual certificates in their name probably left behind.

Use Windows search to find "certmgr.msc" Under the "Personal" folder you deserve to view your Certificates Under the "Action" menu alternative, select "Delete" to remove unneeded certs (e.g., for other users that mutual the computer)

General Troubleshooting

Signing in through a smart card is not supported by your account. For more info, call your administrator.
Once you enter your PIN, your credentials need to be sync"d via the Active classiccomputers.infoectory and also that can take up to 30 seconds. Wait 30 seconds and try again. If that does not work-related, here a couple of various other things you can try: Try a different reader or attempt locking/unlocking your display screen. If all else falls short, reboot your mechanism to clear whatever and begin over.

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If you are making use of the number keypad, verify that the "NUM LOCK" crucial is ON. Verify that "Caps Lock" is OFF. Check that you"re making use of the correct PIN. It have to be 6-8 digits.

Exemptions (short-term) and Liens (long-term)

How do I research a temporary exemption?

You may also research an exemption by calling 4-HELP. Note: If your workstation is on the network, you will certainly need to rebegin your device to use the update and also then have the ability to pick a password for sign-in. If off-netjob-related, you will must contact 4-HELP to obtain password accessibility reset.

An approval repursuit will be routed with Cybersecurity Management. If the research is apverified and your workstation is on the network, you will certainly need to restart your system to apply the update, and also then be able to pick password for sign-in. If off-network, you will certainly must contact 4-HELP to gain password access recollection. If the research is denied, your Section or Division Manager will need to call Cyberprotection to pursue the research additionally. A connect will be gave in the denied repursuit email.

Macintosh FAQs

Windows FAQs

Windows Troubleshooting

No valid certificates were discovered on this smartcard. Please attempt one more smartcard or contact your administrator.

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Once you enter your PIN, your credentials have to be sync"d via the Active classiccomputers.infoectory and that deserve to take approximately 30 secs. Wait 30 secs and try aget. If that does not work-related, below a few various other things you have the right to try:This difficulty have the right to take place once computer goes into powerconserve mode (i.e. goes to sleep - generally when disconnected from AC Power) and also USB devices remajor in powersave mode when system wakens.Reinsert Smartcard.Try various Smartcard reader (if available).Remove Smartcard, reboot computer, wait for computer to reboot, then re-insert smartcard (firmly).