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Youdeserve to check the spelling in a file or in all open stories. InCopyhighlights misspelled or unwell-known words, repeated words (such as“the the”), uncapitalized words, and also uncapitalized sentences. Whenperforming a spell inspect, InCopy checks all XML content and also expandedinline notes.

When you inspect spelling, InCopy provides the dictionaryfor the langueras you assigned to the message in your document. InCopysupplies the Proximity language dictionaries for both spelling and hyphenation.Each dictionary consists of numerous hundreds of words with standardhyphecountry breaks.

For stand-alone stories (stories notattached to an InDesign layout), you deserve to customize language dictionariesto ensure that any kind of distinct vocabulary you use is recognized and also treatedproperly. For example, once you run a spelling examine (Edit >Spelling > Check Spelling), you deserve to click Add and also enter the settingsyou want.

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Select Misspelled Words to uncover words thatperform not appear in the language dictionary.

Select Repeated Words to find duplicate words suchas actually “the the.”

Select Uncapitalized Words to uncover words (such as“germany”) that show up in the dictionary only as capitalized words(“Germany”).

Select Uncapitalized Sentences to discover uncapitalizedwords adhering to periods, exclamation points, and also question marks.

Note: To spell-check notes, make surethat Include Note Content When Checking Spelling is selected inNotes preferences. To spell-check deleted text, make sure that IncludeDeleted Text When Spellchecking is selected in the Track Changeschoices.

If you want to change the selection of your spell-checking,execute any kind of of the complying with, and also then click Start to start checkingthe spelling:

Select Document to examine the whole document.SelectAll Documents to check all open records.

Select Story to inspect all message in the currentlyselected framework, consisting of text in various other threaded message frames andoverset message. Select Stories to check stories in all schosen frames.

Select To End Of Story to check from the insertionsuggest.

Select Selection to examine just schosen message. Thisalternative is available just if message is selected.

Click Skip to proceed spell-checking withoutaltering the highlighted word. Click Ignore All to neglect all occurrencesof the highlighted word, until InCopy isrestarted.

Select a word from the Suggested Corrections listor type the correct word in the Change To box, and also then click Changeto adjust just that event of the misspelled word. You can alsoclick Change All to adjust all cases of the misspelled wordin your document.

To include a word to a dictionary, choose the dictionaryfrom the Add To food selection, and also click Add.

Click Dictionary to display the Dictionary dialogbox, wright here you have the right to specify the target dictionary and language, andspecify hyphenation breaks in the included word. If you desire to addthe word to all langueras, pick All Languages from the Languagemenu. Click Add.

By turning on Autocorrect, you canpermit capitalization errors and also widespread typing mistakes to be replacedwhile you kind. Before Autocorrect will certainly work, you should create alist of typically misspelled words and also associate them through the correctspelling.

When you form any type of misspelled word you included to the list,the word is instantly reput by the word you gone into as thecorrection.

To remove autocorrect words you’ve added, selectthe word in the list and pick Rerelocate. To edit autocorrect words,choose the word, click Edit, reform the correction, and also click OK.

When dynamic spelling is allowed, you can correctspelling errors by making use of the context menu. Potentially misspelledwords are underlined (based upon the dictionary associated through thelanguage of the text). If you kind message in different languperiods,choose the message and also asauthorize the correct language.

Select a said correction. If a wordis repeated or demands to be capitalized, you have the right to pick Delete RepeatedWord or Capitalize .

Select Add To User Dictionary. Thisimmediately adds the word to the current dictionary without openingthe Thesaurus dialog box. The word stays unadjusted in the message.

Select Thesaurus. This opens the Dictionary dialogbox wbelow you deserve to select the Targain dictionary, adjust hyphenationbreaks, and specify a language. If you want to include the word to alllangueras, pick All Langueras from the Language menu, and thenclick Add. Words is included to the schosen dictionary and also remainsunchanged in the message.

Select Ignore All to overlook cases of thisword in all papers. When InCopy isrebegan, the word is flagged again as a misspelling.

Note: If you select Ignore All and also then decide that youdon’t want to overlook that word after all, Choose Ignored Words fromthe Dictionary List food selection in the Thesaurus dialog box and removethe word from the list.

InCopy provides Proximity dictionaries for most langueras to verify spelling and to hyphenate words. You have the right to include words to each dictionary to customize it. You can assign various languages to text, and also InCopy offers the appropriate dictionary to manage spelling and hyphecountry. You have the right to develop additional user dictionaries, and you can import or export word lists conserved in a ordinary message file.

When you customize the words in a dictionary, you actually produce lists of added words (words that aren’t currently in the dictionary) and removed words (existing dictionary words that you desire to be flagged as a potential misspelling). The Dictionary dialog box lets you display screen and also edit added words, removed words, and also ignored words (words that are ignored for the existing session bereason you clicked Ignore All). You have the right to add words that apply to all languperiods, which is specifically valuable for last names, street names, and various other items that aren’t specific to a language.

Note: If you desire to use the language dictionaries from a previous version of InDesign or InCopy, usage your mechanism Find command to find the user dictionary papers (.udc), and then include them to your list of dictionaries in Dictionary preferences.

By default,hyphecountry and also spelling exceptions are situated in user dictionary filesstored outside the document on the computer system wbelow InCopy is set up (dictionary filenames end with a .clam or .not extension). However, you deserve to alsosave exemption lists inside any InCopy record.In enhancement, you can save word lists in an external user dictionary,in the document, or in both. The place of existing dictionariesappears in the Dictionary preferences.

Storing hyphenation and also spelling exceptions inside a file renders it less complicated to treat text consistently once you move that document to other computer systems. For this reason, you can merge the user dictionary right into the record in Thesaurus preferences. You can additionally manage the area of exceptions from the Create Package Folder dialog box. In comparison, storing an exception list exterior the record renders it less complicated to usage the very same list of exceptions for multiple records.

Note: If the user dictionary is mergedinto the exceptions list, the entire user dictionary is added tothe document, also if the words are not offered, thereby increasingthe document’s file size.

You canusage the Language food selection in the Character panel to use a languageto schosen text. You have the right to also specify a default language for anwhole document, or for all brand-new files. InCopy alsoconsists of a language locking attribute that prevents the language settingin Oriental text from being readjusted when it is component of a selectionand a non-Asian language is liked from the Language food selection. (See Assigna language to text.)

You have the right to usage the Language menu in theControl panel or Character panel to use a language to selectedtext. You deserve to also specify a default language for an entire document,or for all new papers. (See Assign alanguage to text.)

You can exclude wordsfrom being taken into consideration. For example, if you want to usage an alternatespelling for a prevalent word such as “bicycle,” which you might needto spell in a different way for your firm name or for a specificdocument, add the word to the list of excluded words so that itwill be flagged in the time of a spell examine. InCopy cankeep a sepaprice set of included and removed words for each installedlanguage.

You have the right to produce a user dictionary, oryou can include user dictionaries from previous InDesign or InCopy versions,from papers that others have sent out you, or from a server where yourworkgroup’s user dictionary is stored. The dictionary you include issupplied for all your InCopy documents.

To create a brand-new dictionary, click the NewUser Dictionary icon 

belowthe Language food selection. Specify the name and also place of the user dictionary(which has a .udc extension), and also then click Save.

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To include an existing dictionary, click the Add UserThesaurus icon 

, selectthe user dictionary file, which includes a .udc or .not extension,and also then click Open.

Note: If you can’t discover the dictionary file, you could wantto usage your device Find command also to situate the .udc documents (try using*.udc), note the area, and also then attempt aget.

The dictionaryis included to the list under the Language menu. You have the right to include words tothe dictionary when checking spelling or by utilizing the Dictionarydialog box.

You deserve to readjust the default language dictionaryfor a paper or for all brand-new papers you produce. Changing thedefault dictionary in an existing document doesn’t influence text thathas currently been produced or text that you form into an existingmessage framework.

Note: Use the Character Style or ParagraphFormat panel to set a particular dictionary for a specific style. TheLanguage food selection appears in the Advanced Character Formats section.

Set the default language dictionaryfor all new documents

Remove, reattach, and reorder userdictionaries

Do any of the following:

To remove a dictionary from the list, selectit and also click the Rerelocate User Dictionary icon 

. Youneed to have at least one dictionary per language.

If the language dictionary has a question marksymbol alongside it, choose the dictionary, click the Reconnect User Dictionaryicon 

, andthen find and open up the user dictionary.

To change the order of the user dictionaries, dragand drop them. The order of the dictionaries in the list is theorder in which the dictionaries are checked.

If, during a spell inspect, InDesign displaysan unacquainted word in the Check Spelling dialog box, pick thedictionary from the Add To food selection, and then click Add. You can alsouse the Dictionary dialog box to let you specify the targain dictionaryand also language, and to show exactly how words are added to an exceptionword list.

Forstand-alone stories (stories not attached to an InDeauthorize layout),you can include words to the language dictionaries. Customizing your dictionariesensures that any distinctive vocabulary you use is well-known and also treatedcorrectly.

If you don’t like the hyphecountry points, follow theseguidelines to show your wanted hyphecountry of the word:

Type one tilde(~) to show the finest possible hyphecountry points, or the only acceptable hyphenation allude, in the word.

Type 2 tildes(~~) to show your second alternative.

Type three tildes(~~~) to indicate a bad however acceptable hyphenation allude.

If you desire the word never before to be hyphenated, kind a tilde prior to its first letter.

Note: Remember that hyphenation points interact via thehyphenation settings in your records. As an outcome, the word mightnot break where you suppose it to. Control these settings by choosingHyphecountry in the Paragraph panel menu. (See Hyphenatetext.)

To modify the list of additions to theselected Taracquire word list, select Added Words.

To modify the list of words that are flagged asmisspelled, pick Removed Words.

To modify the list of words that are being ignoredin the time of the current InCopy session, chooseIgnored Words. This list has all the words for which you’vepreferred Ignore All.

You can export word lists to a message file (.txt)and also then import that list of words right into a user dictionary in InCopy . The words in the text file mustbe separated by a space, tab, or paragraph rerotate. You deserve to exportincluded words and also removed words, yet you cannot export ignored words,which are used just in the current session.

The list of words is saved in a text file. You have the right to editthis list of words in any message editor, and also then import the wordlist. You have the right to also send the word list to others, who have the right to importit right into their user dictionaries.

UseDictionary choices to specify how InCopy handleshyphenation and also spelling dictionaries. Many languperiods in InCopy usage Proximity dictionaries toverify spelling and also to hyphenate words. If you have actually installed hyphenationor spelling components from a different company, you can selecta various vendor for each mounted language.

Note: The DictionaryPreferrals dialog box does not enable you to specify the languagedictionary offered for spell checking or hyphenating message. This dialogbox is supplied to specify which hyphenation and spelling plug‑ins InCopy provides for the language specifiedin the Language area. If you usage just the default hyphecountry andspelling plug‑in, you don"t must readjust any kind of settings in the DictionaryPreferences dialog box. If you install a different spelling or hyphenationplug‑in gave by a third-party developer, it appears as an optionin the Hyphenation Vendor and Spelling Vendor menus in this dialogbox. This would certainly let you choose one vendor"s hyphecountry or spellingengine for some languperiods and another vendor"s hyphecountry or spellingengine for various other languages.

To compose message making use of the hyphecountry exceptionslist stored in the external user dictionary, pick User Thesaurus.

To compose message utilizing the hyphenation exceptionslist stored inside the record, choose Document.

To create text utilizing both lists, select User DictionaryAnd Document. This is the default setting.

Makecertain that each terminal in your workteam has the exact same customizeduser dictionaries set up and added, so that a paper provides theexact same spelling and also hyphecountry rules regardmuch less of who is workingon it. You have the right to either make certain that everyone adds thevery same dictionaries to their computer, or you can share a user dictionaryover the network server.

A lock icon 

indicatesthat a dictionary is locked and can be supplied, but not edited. Whena user dictionary is stored on a server, the initially user to loadthe dictionary locks the file; all subsequent users view that thedictionary is locked. Files have the right to likewise be locked via the operatingsystem, as soon as the file is made read-just. If you share a user dictionaryover the netoccupational server, you might desire to lock the file so that it’sread-just for all individuals, allowing only the administrator to addwords.

Make sure that everyone in the workgroup supplies the customizeduser dictionary set up on the widespread netjob-related workstation, andnot the dictionary stored with a record. However before, before you takea record to a company provider, you could want to merge the userdictionary into the record.

If you don’t share a customized user dictionary on a prevalent netjob-related workstation,situate user dictionary papers and also copy them from one workstationto another. The location of user dictionaries appear in the Dictionarypreferences.

Note: Afteryou upday a shared workstation’s user dictionary, the transforms don’tappear in individual workstations till a user restarts InCopy or presses Ctrl+Alt+/ (Windows)or Command+ Option+/ (Mac OS) to recreate all message.

Duden is incorporated natively in InCopy. You have the right to use Duden for even more specific German hyphenation and spell checking.

To use Duden dictionary in InCopy to occupational through Gerguy language, go to:

Windows: Edit> Preferences> DictionarymacOS: InCopy > Preferences> Dictionary

Select one of the following language from the Language drop-down:

German: 1996 ReformGerman: 2006 ReformGerman: Austria 2006 ReformGerman: SwissGerman: Swiss 2006 Reform

Note: A brand-new language German:Austria 2006 Redevelop has actually been introduced.

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To use Duden hyphenation, go to Precommendations > Dictionary and also choose Sjust how Hyphecountry Options.