Do you need to restart computer after installing drivers

Why perform I need to rebegin the computer after installing new drivers? For instance, if I did a fresh install of Windows 7, installed audio chauffeurs on it, the sound functions fine without restarting yet the installer still asks for a restart.

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I"m assuming it"s a comparable reasoning as "bereason individuals are stupid", yet I"d prefer to hear a technological factor for this.



The easiest technical reason is because "they"re in use".

If you produce a snapshot file in paint, save it, yet don"t close paint and attempt to delete the file. Explorer will say it can"t bereason its in usage.

This is basis for the rebegin, its only when booting that Windows have the right to guarantee not one regime was making use of the motorists documents.

In later on versions of Windows they constructed well identified wrapper layers (or boundaries) about particular locations (favor display). The layer talks to the underlying driver, yet it also is the just routine that could ever before use that driver, so its a easier instance to "disconnect" the driver and also relocation it.

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I think in Linux and OSX this layered technique is more fundamental in the design and so they rarely if ever before need reboots.

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answered Feb 7 "13 at 8:20

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Nowadays, this has mostly historical reasons. As you have actually noticed, a lot of Windows chauffeurs today deserve to be mounted "on the fly", that implies they job-related without reboot. However, that hasn"t constantly been the instance, previous versions of Windows and also previous hardware generations needed more complex setup steps that can only be done at boot. Today, manufacturers are either lazy and don"t adapt their installers or ignorant of the possibility of not needing a reboot or they just desire to play safe. And through Windows, still, it"s constantly a safe bet to just reboot to iron out possible quirks.

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answered Feb 7 "13 at 7:57

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In many kind of instances you are still using your "old" chauffeurs till your mechanism is rebooted. Even though the properties of the device may screen the new driver variation in some situations it won"t usage the brand-new driver till the system restarts.

The driver is an interface to a device and is dubbed by services and also various other applications on your device, these other apps and also solutions might currently have actually an open up speak to to a maker that won"t be released until your mechanism is rebooted. As an outcome, a system might perhaps be unsteady as a result - an application makes a contact to a driver and also expects behaviour A but the update results in behaviour B and you end up through an application crash or STOP error.

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answered Feb 7 "13 at 8:04

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